I’m going to attend the CeBIT

I’m not sure if you are aware but CeBIT will be taking place on the 4th – 9th of March in Hannover, Germany. The CeBIT is right after the MWC which took place just a few days ago. The difference between the MWC and CeBIT is that MWC is just about Telecoms industry and CeBIT about general consumer electronics. The CeBIT contains of 27  big halls.


Today I received my Press ID from Xonio to have better access to the exhibition and to provide you with some hot stuff. Anyway, are you visiting the CeBIT? If so, what are your expectations?

~ by Norman John on February 15, 2008.

14 Responses to “I’m going to attend the CeBIT”

  1. congrats, Norman, I’ll be looking forward to your coverage.

  2. I was planning on visiting, but I left it too late to try and find a hotel! Now they are all booked up! So looks like I have to wait till next year. I’ll be sure to check back for your updates from the exhibition!

  3. What a pitty.
    I don’t need a hotel because I’m just living about 1h away from Hannover 😉

  4. Ich werde auch in Hannover sein, und es ist nicht 1 Stunde entfernt, sondern 54 minuten. 😛


  5. I’ll be there, too. On Saturday.

  6. Great, me too.
    Maybe we’ll see us 😉

  7. It’s all go for you isn’t it Norman!! Have a great time, I’m really looking forward to seeing your reports.

  8. It would be great seeing you in Hannover James. First of all, I have to start blogging about MWC and about the N99;)

  9. We could meet times all to nem beer on Saturday, because the day fits with us also because of work better.

  10. It is going to be cool! I can’t wait for it! You should upload some pics then! 😉
    Buy see you soon!

  11. Sure, I’ll take some pictures and upload them to my Flickr account:

  12. Yep, I downloaded one of your best and made a slideshow for the Nokia N96 if you saw.
    PLS answer my PM in YouTube which I sent you two or three days ago.
    Thank you about everything and do you know what are they going to show on that CeBit show?

  13. Yeah, I saw the video 😉
    I’ll reply soon. I don’t know what the manufatures are going to show off.

  14. OK, I am waiting for you and your new pics 😉 !

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