N96: Live pictures (part 1)


Yesterday, the day of the N96 launch, I’ve taken some pictures of the N96. Due to I haven’t played withe the N96 for a long time, my initial thoughts are coming later today.Words saying more than 1000 words, so I just want to show you some live pictures.

(Click to enlarge)



~ by Norman John on February 12, 2008.

9 Responses to “N96: Live pictures (part 1)”

  1. […] Norman over at symbianworld has posted some live pictures of nokia n96. More pictures can be found at symbianworld […]

  2. This phone is just awesome!
    I can’t wait to get it!
    I think that will buy this one!

  3. nice pics
    but check ure writing pls
    launch of n95, Words saying more than 1000 words…
    so far greets ;D

  4. I am sure Nokia is saving things… this is not the best they can giv… i will wait… i will wait…

  5. […] Symbian World bekommt ihr ein paar sehr schöne Livebilder vom neuen […]

  6. after watching the preview video i think its a rather great device. hopefully we will see it in stores soon 😉

  7. still not the best

  8. very nice!
    but thank got its not slimmer than the N95 8GB I just got. 😉

  9. Very Nice but very Epensive! ;(

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