N96 & N78: Brief hands on

Today at the Nokia booth I had the opportunity to play with an N96 and N78. Moreover a really kind guy told me the keyfeatures of both phones. So, enjoy the videos and tell me your initial thoughts.




~ by Norman John on February 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “N96 & N78: Brief hands on”

  1. Thats fantastic, slightly dissapointed with a few decisions on the N96 but you can understand where Nokia are coming from. All in all, not a let down at all. Brilliant handsets and beutiful designs. One thing though, the slider on the N96 looks pretty solid, my N95 8GB was so to begin with then became loose, wanted to know if you got to play with it yourself and whether it moved slightly or not. Looks to be similar of the N81 which if you remember was pretty unstable and wiggly.

    Thanks for this though hope you have the answers.


  2. I am quite dissapointed with N96 thou… It din’t surprise me that much… It looks too same with N81, and it din’t feature much compare to N95 or N82… Oh.. before i forgot, something realy do surprise me alot… IT USE THE GOOD OLD STUPID BL-5F BATTERY SAME AS THE CLASSIC N95 =.=

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  4. […] buddy over at SymbianFrance just took some pictures with his brand new Nokia N78 and uploaded them to Flickr. As you may know, the N78 features a 3.2 megapixel camera with […]

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