How to: Blogging from your phone

Blogging is nowadays pretty popular – everybody is blogging about everything. Since I’m blogging for Xonio and have to study a lot, I’ve just little sparetime, therefor I’m writing more and more articles on my phone. I don’t post them directly from the phone but I create them on my phone. Here are 3 things, making mobile blogging pretty handy and convenient. By the way, this post was written on an N95 8GB

1. SU-8W

The Nokia SU-8W is a handy but nevertheless a great gadget. Connected to your Nokia smartphone you can write articles just like you’re used it from your computer keyboard at home. Furthermore it’s not only for blogging butfor emailing and other text messages.

2. DT-22

If you’re filming a lot with your phone, for example unboxing videos, interviews, previews or podcasts, you should take a look at the Nokia DT-22 Tripod. It’s the perfect accessory for almost all camera phones and also for normal cameras.

3. Software:
Before you can start writing and publish an article, you need an application you can write with. You have two ways – posting directly from your phone or create it on your phone and post it from your computer.

Write on the phone and post on the computer:

The pre-installed Quick Office version doesn’t allow you to edit or create a file ( Nseries). Therefore you need to upgrade it or to look for another program. I’m using Office Suite which is a great replacement.

Write and publish straight from your phone:

For writing and publishing articles straight from your device you need a client that is suitable for your blog provider. I’ve found for Typepad blogger and WordPress blogger a suitable application.

~ by Norman John on January 28, 2008.

16 Responses to “How to: Blogging from your phone”

  1. these phones are great!
    I hown an E90 and I’m so satisfied.
    I came from windows mobile and I miss (apart from outlook) a good office suite and I would really like to have bluetooth mouse suport as well.

  2. Considering the fact that blogging is mainstream and that millions of new blogs are created frequently. A great gadget that makes it simple to blog on the go is a great idea. A blogging phone would definitely make a for a unique gift gadgets. pro blogger.

  3. I also use Wavelog and OfficeSuite. Why don’t you use voice recorder together with Wavelog to have an audio blog for your great interviews? Just an idea.

  4. Danke für den Artikel, wenn mein N95 8GB die Tage kommt, werde ich es auch mal versuchen.

    Was ich mich aber frage, wo ich diese Tastatur her bekomme und diese spezielle Software ?

    PS: Adde mich mal im MSN, Addy die gleiche wie die E-Mail. TY

  5. Is SU-8W the only Keyboard working with the Nokia phones?
    I think 100€ isn’t a bargin, or? Will a mormal PC Keyboard (bluetooth connection) work, too?

    Thx and best wishes –

  6. There are also other keyboards you can connect to the N95. Also some cheaper onces. Anyway, I think the SU-8W is the best.

  7. […] Ricky Cadden uses Maemo Wordpy on his Nokia N810. Frenchwoman Evangelist uses compounding of the Nokia DT-22 Tripod, Nokia SU-8W Keyboard, and Nokia N95 8GB for ambulatory blogging. I same to ready blogging on my laptop, but I do medium the Nokia Blog comments finished my Nokia […]

  8. My favourite mobile blogging tools: Light Notepad –> Opera Mini. Alternative: the WP Mobile WordPress plugin.

  9. Someone mentioned Audio Blogging – have you tried blogging through SpinVox?

    I don’t tend to do it ‘straight to live’ – but it’s good for drafts and stuff.

  10. I use Wavelog from Telewaving with Nokia N95 to publish photos and videos to my Drupal powered web site. Works great.
    But the real challenge is with Joomla. It also works with the newly available Movabletype API. I think I’ll migrate to Joomla and keep N95 and Wavelog.
    Thanks to great people from and

  11. how about shozu the number one blogging software,works perfect for me.

  12. Wavelog works on E90 as well. Just enable the installation of unsigned applications under Applications/Settings.

  13. I am still waiting to see video that has been sent from the N95 via wavelog. Have you any links to sho an example.

  14. I am using wavelog for blogging on my Nokia E65.
    It really works good for me.

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