Nokia N95-1 v21 firmware with Youtube support

Really strange that Nokia is releasing minor updates like this, last week it was the N82 and now it’s the Nokia N95-1.

I guess it wasn’t fair that the N95-3 had flashlite 3 support, so they also included it for the ones who had the original N95.

It isn’t released yet, but we managed to get a sneak peak thanks to TheNokiaBlog.
It seems that it is only available for developers, but I hope that the update includes accelerometer plugin and not just flashlite.



~ by Meraj Chhaya on January 26, 2008.

12 Responses to “Nokia N95-1 v21 firmware with Youtube support”

  1. This firmware version available for developers has been talked about even before the release of the V20 firmware!

  2. Yeah correct. The firmware exists for a long time, old news. It’s crap that this firmware will be released soon.
    I could also post such a video, that’s nothing special.

  3. i know its nothing special. just a proof…

  4. When is US gonna get V2X firmware!

  5. US is more updated than regular one due to being a different N95

  6. US is still at v12. Europe is at v20.

  7. doesn’t really matter because they are different builds

  8. Perhaps I should put it another way: When is the US going to get paged memory, updated Podcast app, etc. I’ve got Euro v20 installed on my US N95. The one thing I miss is the ability to play copy protected WMAs.

  9. you are right in that sense, i guess nokia doesn’t release big updates that quick, they focus more on little updates like we seen on n81 and n82

  10. The answer to my question is: TODAY! The new version is now showing up =)

  11. I overlooked this one early- I’m a little late on the button- but I wanted to say that the N95-3 DOES NOT have flashlite 3.

  12. The N95 8GB does have

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