Finally a new E90 version with good built-quality?

After all the problems with the Nokia E90 it seems that Nokia solved the problems like the keypad that touches the internal screen. Till now the E90 was Nokias worst-built device ever.

I found this news over at the German Telefon-Treff forums and a user called “NokiaN95-1” brought them to us. He said he received his E90 today from T-Mobile with a “V.2”-sticker on it. Maybe this sticker means Version 2.

As you can see in the pictures now all keys of the keypad are in one level. In the old versions of the E90 the QWERTY keys were higher than the other keys. Thus they touched the screen. It seems that Nokia changed the whole keypad because this is not only a factory-difference by Nokia.

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~ by Christian on January 25, 2008.

34 Responses to “Finally a new E90 version with good built-quality?”

  1. why hes running opera on it is a complete mystery to me, since it doenst work correctly on e90. still good to see this imrovement

  2. i don’t like the design

  3. It’s an absolute brick.

  4. I looks really fat!

  5. […] post info By rezanat0r Categories: Uncategorized 1rot-n.jpgThis new modification of the E90 keyboard looks like it will take care of the grease and button prints on the internal keyboard. The character keys are now flush with those on the left and right margins of the keyboard.1rot-p.jpgvia Symbian World  […]

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  8. “Till now the E90 was Nokias worst-built device ever.” what a complete load of rubbish, have you actually used an E90, I have for 7 months and it is the best device I have ever used, I totally rely on it and the build quality is excellent, it does pretty much everything that you would carry a laptop for. The very small grease marks you get on the screen easily wipe off and are a lot less hassle than a touch screen device, after a few minutes with an Iphone it is like a smeared windscreen, the E90 is so much more practical than a touchscreen device.

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  10. i disagree with the previous reply, I have been using the E90 too for 7 months and i have seen or had access to maybe 20 units and a vast majority of them have one or a combination of the ff problems, w/c to me reinforces the statement that the E90 has poor buld quality not to mention missing attributes over the previous communicators: 1, mic/earphone issue 2, screen touching the keyboard/ permanent marks on the scree 3, uneven feet 4, poor camera/slow camera button response, 5, paint finish gets glossy, 6 plating on front multidirectional button comming off.

  11. HUH???
    Ok, so is the v2 of the E90(flush keyboard) better? Was that the only change in the device?
    I don’t own an E90 but I’m looking on getting one. I currently have an E61i and love it. I want to wait for the E71 ut that won’t be released for another 6 months or longer.
    So should I switch froman E61i to a E90, I guess it’s my qestion.

  12. I have to agree the E90 is the best constructed device I’ve ever own for functionality & features, mine is an APAC version V4.2 & I don’t experience keypad marking screen problem I guess they’ve rectified it.

  13. E90 is one of Nokia best phone. I just buy one and work great

  14. E90 is not a perfect device, but it’s the most efficient phone you can dream of. There are few defaults that you can dislike, but you’ll love all that works. GPS is fine, camera is fine, web browsing is fine, Wifi is fine, inside and outside screens are perfect… Most owners are happy with it. For my part I’m satisfied.

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  16. hi everyone!

    what comes with the package with the V.1 over the V.2 released of nokia e90?. coz im seeing some package with accessory box on it and the other does not have.

  17. I had been using the E90 for the past 4 months. I bought a second hand unit for much cheaper price in India. I had never experienced any mic or speaker problem and the build quality is exceptional, in fact i dropped it three or four times, not even a scratch on the body. Yes keypads do touch the screen but i had put a screen guard and extended the height of the two rubber beads at the two ends by gluing another rubber bead on top of it, so the keypad now does not touch the screen at all. In short the E90 is glamor, high tech gadget for the tech consciouses.

  18. LOL..E90 is a high tech gadget so much so that someone had to use rubber beads on it to glamorize it. Well..E90 is a huge tech gadget for a whole lot of different reasons. I have now had it for over a month, its a Bourne Ultimatum of mobiles. I have used Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Adobe applications without any glitches, and with admirable speeds. The address book has infinite entries but doesnt seem to run out. The general feel of the keypads,the screen shift speeds, the two 16 M screens (only on E90),the sound quality are all 10/10. Yes, the camera is just 3 M and takes decent pictures. Nokia could have done with speeding the camera start up times.All in all, if you like BIG things in life, E90 is for you!!

  19. great phone!!i have one…

  20. […] he sometimes makes messages while he’s driving, so touchscreen phones are out of the way. it says here that there is a second version of the E90, but im not sure whether its made for the world wide […]

  21. I hae ued the E90 since July last year when and have used all previous communicators from the 9110 onwards and I think the E90 is the least desirable of the communicators from both a SW and HW workmanship standpoint. the features were great on paper but thats about it.

  22. What do u mean Jofores??

  23. you guys whineing about the E90 have never experienced the increadibly low quality of sonyericsson smartphones. just switched to the E90 from the P990i and it is *soo stable*, not like wlan on -> crash etc etc like I had with the P990

  24. i bought my e90 2 weeks now. believe me, its the best phone i’ve had since the analog days. i have had phones of different types and makes. if you are saying that the e90 is the worst communicator nokia ever made.. you are fooling yourself or you probably never had one.

  25. My v2 E90 still marks the screen…nokia engeneers are very very distracted

  26. hi,i intend to buy the e90 for my father’s birthday,im now quite confused on whether to buy the e90 or the e71..both of them are great.but my father had used the nokia 9500 before,and it had many problems with the hinges in due time,thus giving problem to the inner and outer screen.does the e90 have a possibility of facing the same problem after some time?

  27. Hey, I don’t know if there are porblems with the hinges after some time, but I think that there’s the possibility that the hinges get lose. If you have wobbly hinges after some time just go to a Nokia Service Center and I think they will fix it.

  28. Salut à tous,
    Quelqu’un sait-il où on peut acheter la version v2 avec clavier AZERTY pour la France) ?
    (Je n’arrive pas à le trouver sur le net. Nokia me répond toujours à côté et les revendeurs ne me répondent pas du tout !
    Apparemment, ils n’en ont rien à foutre… pourvu qu’ils vendent les modèles qu’ils ont en stock, c’est tout ce qui les intéresse… )

  29. the best of the best ….can’t just compare it with any other phone …well done Nokia…this one really connects people!

  30. mine the new version of E90 RED with the Flat keyboard. When I receive the unit I found that the outside screen was filled with Sand, you hear me it is Sand and not just Dust. After one week of usage the back cover near camera shutter start cracking and made annoying noise. come on Nokia, can’t you hire better QC person???

  31. It is now May 2009, and I still find myself in a holding pattern, when it comes to purchasing the E90, due to all the issues that seem not to have been resolved. I had the 9290, then upgraded to the 9300, which I’ve been using for years. Though not a direct upgrade (appears to be for the 9500), I saw the E90 as the next rung up the ladder. Still waiting to take the next step…

  32. I hae ued the E90 since July last year when and have used all previous communicators from the 9110 onwards and I think the E90 is the least desirable of the communicators from both a SW and HW workmanship standpoint. the features were great on paper but thats about it

  33. My biggest concern was/is the issue with the keyboard leaving imprints on the screen. It’s my understanding that this issue has been resolved, but I’m uncertain as to the actual model/version number of the E90 that ‘solved’ this issue. Anyone have definitive information on this?

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