NiiMe:Mouse control your PC with N95 motion sensor

It was being discussed for some time on the Symbian-Freak forum, and I was comparing it to the program Psiloc had released for Symbian 2nd edition, and now the release (or half of it) is here.

Of course you can find it cracked but you should donate to the developer even if it’s 2 Euro just for consideration.

I’m going to state in the beginning that I found it on the iPhone Forum, because I saw Apoc from Symbian-Freak arguing with Symbian V3 people that the sources were not stated…

Moving to the actual subject, I still found no way to install it, I’m still learning and asking for tips, so if anyone does know exactly how to, please provide me simple steps.

Well besides being a mouse, it can also be a steering wheel as we see on the videos.

The public release isn’t certain yet, but we hope it won’t take as long as brother Samir’s works. We continue seeing these toys to be used with the accelerometer, I still can’t believe Nokia didn’t release the accelerometer API sooner.

For those of you who have the program, here are the installation notes from the official website:

1. Install Python and modules(CTypes, WxPython and PySerial) in your computer
2. Install AXYZ plug-in
3. Install Python for S60 3rd edition
4. Plug-in a bluetooth adapter
5. Open Python in your mobile, go to: “Options>Bluetooth Console” and connect to your computer

Now run the Niime software (NiiMe.exe or and select the COM port of your bluetooth. If you don’t know it…try! šŸ™‚

Right now Left click button is the “Right Option” button of the mobile and Exit button is the “Red Button”

And… Enjoy!
These instructions are for NiiMe .PY version, if you download th .EXE installer you don’t need to do the five first steps

Source: iPhone Forum


~ by Meraj Chhaya on January 21, 2008.

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  1. wicked!!!

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