LandscapePro: Nice alternative to rotateMe v2.0

Today I´ve found a nice and free alternative to rotateMe v2.0. It´s only a betaversion at the moment, but it works even well. You can´t regulate the sensitivity or something like in rotateMe in this early betaversion, but it got something, that you haven´t in rotateMe: The 270° rotation. Now you can rotate the screen in three ways: 90°, 180° and 270°.

Works on N95, N95 8GB and maybe on N82, N93i. If you own a N82 or N93i, please leave a comment if it works!



~ by Christian on January 19, 2008.

7 Responses to “LandscapePro: Nice alternative to rotateMe v2.0”

  1. Norman was always advising me to add a source, but even his own bloggers don’t mention theirs…

  2. Bery95, Christian’s source is there. Under the download link it has the URL for the application’s website.

  3. But that’s not his source…

  4. it does work, but its too sensitive, must wait for final version/next beta

  5. please help because every time i try to install it say certificate error on the phone.
    how can i sign the program.

  6. Landscape mode at 180 degree dosent work on N82. Remaining options work well. I especially like the battery safe mode

  7. it works on nokia n73 music edition

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