N95 8GB vs. N82: The advantages

I’ve already compared the N95 with the new N82. Now I want to compare the N95 successors, the N95 8GB, with the N82. Here are the advantages of each device. In my opinion are the N95 8GB and the N82 a wash – great devices! I can’t find a real winner. Anyway, read on to find out the advantages of the two multimedia computers.


The N82 is Nokia’s first phone with a real Xenon-flash. It’s much brighter than N95 8GB’s LED and causes better pictures. Here are some comparison picture of both phones.

(Left N95 8GB right N82)



Form factor:
Yes, we are back to candybar. It’s the format most of us raised up. More over it’s pretty handy and feels great in your hand. It fits in every pocket, whether in the tight suite or in the large baggy pants.

Battery life:

I’ve using both phones extremely and also written a detailed batterylog for both phones. All in all I can say, that N82’s battery life is a little bit better than N95 8GB battery life.

N82 batterylog
N95 8GB batterylog

microSD slot:
This is a pretty tricky issue – some need it some not. However, I wished that the N95 8GB had a microSD slot. I don’t care about the 8GB flash memory. Nowadays are 8GB microSD cards available in stores and pretty soon we will also see 16GB cards. This is just one aspect. Another aspect is, that you can go to a photo shop, and insert the microSD card of the N82 into the computer.

Screen rotation:
Using the built in accelerometer, the user can switch between landscape – and portraitmode really easy by rotate the N82. This is really useful when you using the browser, gallery and other programs. Well, I know that there is a freeware application for the N95 8GB, which do this same. However, not every user know this application, can sign apps or want applications running in the background.

N95 8GB:


That’s almost the biggest difference. The N95 8GB has a huge 2.8” screen, that’s 0.4”or 1.016 cm more than the N82 has. Due to Nokia doesn’t change the QVGA resolution, N82’s screen is brighter and also sharper. However, watching Spider-Man 3 is just a pleasure on the N95 8GB.

Multimedia keys:
I have a lot music on my phone, also music, I don’t like. Therefore I like to have multimedia keys to control the music. Using this multimedia keys I don’t have to jump to the music player, everytime I want to skip the song. Thus it’s pretty convenient.


As you can see on the picture above, the N95 8GB has quite bigger keys than the N82 has. Writing a text message or navigate through the menu is due to the softer and bigger keys more convenient.

The N95 8GB has a standard mini-USB port. Almost everybody has a mini-USB from a Mp3 player or cardreader cable at home but not a micro-USB cable which the N82 needs. This is really usefull when you are visiting a friend and want to show him some pictures you took with your N95 8GB.


~ by Norman John on January 15, 2008.

15 Responses to “N95 8GB vs. N82: The advantages”

  1. Thanks for the comparison, but, sorry for my straight comment, your comparison is somehow biased. I owned N95 8GB and the advantage I can see is more than that.

    No offence, I was just voicing out my honest opinion.

  2. i personaly like the n82 more, the screen is great compared to the n95 8gb, nokia have streched the QVGA way beyond its limits.. n82 has perfect physical screen size to pixel density ratio making it a whole lot more clear, crisp image.. only benifit of the larger QVGA is like you said, watching the movies on..

    nice brief comparison tho 😉

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  4. hmmm… this review is now making me decide which phone to buy… well, what i just look in for a phone is the camera resolution and how it gets a shot.. as for me with just those specs, i think i prefer N82 with the xenon flash, not to mention the card slot.. ^_^

  5. hey man, nice comparison, but i didn’t gain much from this because i always knew that n82 was better than the n95 and n95 8gb. anyway, nice .

    Holla! Holla!! Holla!!!

  6. really if u ask me the n82 is not a phone its a camera the n95 8gb is the king of all phones

  7. i tell u , i don’t need a xenon flash. i have my digital camera for that a purpose. i wont like to waste money just for that flash. i want a mobile,n95 8gb will solve purpose.

  8. It seems everyone doesn’t know the fact that the N82 is cheaper than N95 8GB. In BDT (Bangladeshi Taka) N82 is worth 35,500 while N95 8GB is worth 47,500. And if one asks me to choose between these two devices I would surely go for N95 8GB only if the slider is a robust one.

  9. I like them both, but i like anything, im bi

  10. Fuck the xenon Flash
    Nokia N95 8GB = Lord OF The Phones
    I Like N95 8GB
    N82 GO Hell

  11. I owned N82 since one month i found its videoes are not sharp there is lot of blurring,Xenon is good,As i have used N95 8gb also its videoes are better then N82,I donot know why,Can anybody tell me.

  12. thanks for this nice comprasion but what about the quality of sound for each …..and which one is louder than the other when playing songs

  13. The camera isn’t the end all, be all. I expect/need a high end phone to have either a large screen or a QWERTY. When I surf the net, I don’t want a postage stamp screen. WIN N95 8gb. However, I have an N80 and I’m having flex cable issues. This only happens with sliders. WIN n82. I never remove my memory card, so that is not an issue for me. WASH. I do take a lot of photos, even in low light. WIN N82. The whole point of a smartphone is multi-tasking. I listen to music on speaker when I work out in my garage. N95 has better sound and dedicated keys. WIN N95.

    So, like you, it is a wash. Nokia i a master at marketing in that they don’t give any one phone everything thereby selling only one phone. Even the N97 lacks Xenon.

    If anyone knows of a deal-breaker between the N95 8gb and the N82, please let me know.

  14. I have N82 and I did not find any problem with the phone. Camera is WOOW, video recording is decent, software is awesome. I prefer candy bar phones so N82 is the phone of my dreams! Battery good, screen awesome (size don`t matter :P). Loudspeakers are LOUD and very good stereo quality. hmmm….N82 QUEEN BUT N95 8GB IS THE KING 😀

    Buy both 😉 Viva La Nokia

  15. the greatest phone is n82, yeah, it easy to hack,use internet free,download big files,watching youtube(free). Perfect for capturing pictures. Yeah…..up to 16Gb!yeah……… And more!

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