How strong is N95 8GB’s battery?

The N95 8GB has a strong 1200 mAh battery. However, it has also a bigger and brighter screen. So, how strong is the battery? To answer this question I’ve made a batterylog showing all operation( like music), time and the battery level. To check how strong the battery is, I installed nSys on my N95 8GB which shows how much power the battery got. Before I started this batterylog, I charged the N95 8GB the whole night, choose GSM as my network mode and set light sensor to middle. Besides I deactivate Bluetooth and WLAN scanning to save more power.


  • 8:22 Woke up and turned on the N95 8GB
  • To get started I listen to music via loudspeakers, level 50%
  • Checking emails via Wi-Fi
  • 8:30 Switched volume to 20%
  • 8:39 Checking emails once again and read a few
  • 8:54 Plugged in the headset and run to the bus stop , level 60%
  • 9:02 The noise in the bus is to loud so I switched volume to 100%
  • 9:27 Entered the hell – my school 🙂
  • A friend of mine played Snakes using Nokmote
  • 9:30 Lesson starts thus I have turn the N95 8GB off
  • 11:18 Turned on the N95 8GB and played Snakes using Nokmote
  • Playback my newest music via the loudspeakers, level 100%
  • 11:48 Turned off the N95 8GB once again
  • 13:17 Pause – so I turn on the black beauty
  • Searching for Wi-Fi, negative
  • Checking emails via GPRS and read one
  • 13:28 Next lesson starts -switched off again
  • 14:56 School is over!
  • Listen music via headphones, level 100%
  • 15:29 Arrived home
  • Played FIFA 07 and listen to music via loudspeakers, level 50%
  • 15:50 Stopped
  • nSys shows still 100%
  • 17:31 Starting to do my homeworks
  • Listen to music via loudspeakers, level 50%
  • 17:45 Stopped
  • 17:50 Set up Windows Live Messenger via Wi-Fi
  • 18:04 Checking email via Wi-Fi
  • Tommi sent me his answers for the interview, great!
  • 18:30 nSys shows 71%
  • Checking for emails once again
  • 18:40 MSN via Wi-Fi to chat with some friends
  • 19:02 Logged off
  • Checking emails
  • 19:40 nsyr shows 57%
  • 21:04 One missed call
  • 22:00 6 incoming and 6 outgoing text messages
  • nSys shows 42%
  • 22:10 Listen to music via loudspeakers, level 50%
  • 22:18 I’m pretty tired, so I turned of the N95 8GB and go sleep
  • 9.01.08

  • 6:38 Woke up and turned on the N95 8GB
  • Turned off the N95 8GB
  • nSys shows still 42%
  • 11:51 Turned on, checked emails via GPRS and took some pictures
  • 12:05 Turned off
  • 16:30 Turned on
  • Checking emails via Wi-Fi
  • Listen to music via loudspeakers, level 20%
  • Took 10 pictures
  • 16:45 nSys shows 28%
  • Checking emails via Wi-Fi
  • 16:58 Switched off the music player
  • 19:53 Checking emails via Wi-Fi – about 4MB(a music file and Mobitubia)
  • Installed MobiTubia
  • 20:58 Stared chatting with some friends using MSN
  • 21:24 Still chatting
  • 21:25 Battery is empty!!
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    ~ by Norman John on January 14, 2008.

    8 Responses to “How strong is N95 8GB’s battery?”

    1. I can’t believe you actually turn your device off! Good log of but i’d like to see the performance with 3g activated, and the device constantly active.

    2. why do u turn your device off?
      but i think rly impressive, all in all one day of powerusing…

    3. please, do a test with the device always ON, instead of turning it off, just put it in silent mode,in school, during the night…and every time you don’t want to be disturbed..

    4. it would probally last even longer without turning it off and on so much as this uses power to boot up more so than just on stanby 😉

      nice log tho dude

    5. Mal eine frage nebenbei
      Warum zeigt der musik player meines N95 8GB keine Album Grafiken der Lieder die ich draufgezogen habe an und das N70 meines bruders zeigt die Album Grafiken an

    6. How do you think it compares to the n82’s battery life?

    7. Choose offline profi at night instead of shut down your phone. Battery will last a little bit longer, cause booting the phone drain the battery much more.

    8. Martin ur wrong, i talked with the producers of N-Series and they told me that when u boot a phone it will explode 😦

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