Benchmark: N95, N82, N81 8GB, N95 8GB & N73ME

Nseries devices have become little computers. There are almost no things, you can’t do with an Nseries device. Therefore I’ve tested them, just like others test their computers. I have downloaded SPmark for Symbian OS v9, installed it and turned the devices off. After 10 minutes I turned them on ( N95, N82, N81 8GB, N95 8GB and N73ME) and started the benchmark. Here are the results of each device(screenshot). Besides the screenshot and the device name, you can see the best score, I ever scored with this device, for exaple N95 ( 6881).

N82 (6593)N95 (6881) N95 8GB (6542) N81 8GB (1040)N73ME


~ by Norman John on January 12, 2008.

16 Responses to “Benchmark: N95, N82, N81 8GB, N95 8GB & N73ME”

  1. nice test, thanks.

  2. Not much difference between the first 3 in terms of best score.

  3. Cooler Test, gibt´s den auch bald in deutsch auf Xonio? Gruß, Uwe

  4. Danke.
    Wenn ich diesen nochmal auf deutsch schreiben dürften, natürlich.

  5. hi im a n95 8gb user but this is not my SPmark result is. this results are inconsistent.

  6. The screenshots don’t match the results.

  7. What do you mean?

  8. Check out the screenshots and then read the text. The results are not the same – i.e. the N82 screenshot says the score is 6553, while you’ve written it as 6593.

  9. hehe.
    the score in the () is the best score I ever scored. The score on the screenshot is the result after those 10 minutes

  10. I don’t get it, how come the N95 has a better score than the N95 8GB? The N95 8GB has everything the same as the N95, besides having more RAM. Can you explain?

  11. perhaps the firmware? the N95 has a optimized firmware and the N95 8 GB only the first one

    by the way RAM has a very little effect on this benchmark…

  12. this program is total crap, the hp robooted halfway through the test and no result is given to me!

  13. sorry, i take back my previous comment, this program workds, i need to unplug my data cable, else it will reboot. my score is 6770

  14. It seems N82 has the consistent result. Your best and screenshot varies by a lot…very misleading.

  15. […] kogemustes kiiruse vahe ei saa kommenteerida, kuid kiiruse suhtes suhteliselt hea võrdluse leidsin sealt. N95 tavalise versiooni, mida oman ka ise, viimane firmware parandas seadme kiirust ja probleeme […]

  16. Za8,
    the N95 has the best 3D result now. This is tested and proved by many other phone site. Nokia drag down the N95 8GB effect to suits the battery life. From what I know, the first 3 phones compared here don’t have much big difference when you run 3D things

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