First look at MobiTubia

Some days ago I received MobiTubia v1.68 from Sittiphol Phanvila, the developer of this great application. The beta isn’t available for download yet however, I managed to get a special edition which I’m not allowed to share.

In this post I want to give you a little overview what MobiTubia is all about – the review will follow in the next days or weeks. Just like emTube, MobiTubia is a YouTube client, which allows you to watch all YouTube videos on your device using your internet connection.

In the main menu you can find 5 icons:


-Open CLip URL

-Saved CLips



After clicking on the ”” icon, you can find other 5 icons

– Recently Featured

-Popular Clips

-Clips Search

-Open Web Clip

– View by YouTube ID

To search for a video, you just have to click on ”Clips Search” and enter a search term. You will see all videos with a picture, title and the duration.

The Videos are enabled fullscreen in landscape mode.

All in all, MobiTube is a great YouTube client with a lot features, I will explain in the full review. To see more screenshots, just jump over to my flickr account. I’m looking forward to the final version and to your reaction.


~ by Norman John on January 11, 2008.

7 Responses to “First look at MobiTubia”

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  2. When can we get the mobitubia .. I have tried emTUBE but am really dissappointed … its a waste of time by the application developer… can u mail me when it is available.

  3. Sajid, such a comment only highlights your complete lack of ability at using anything more complex than a ping-pong ball.

  4. theres nothing wrong with emtube sajid, its great and fast!

  5. emtube is really good. But when i tried you tube on iphone, i was amazed at the quality of the images. hopefully em tube or mobitube will come up with better results.. but for the time being i am going back to emtube

  6. emtube just dosen’t want to work on my n72 i have to reinstall for every video. looking for an alternative.

  7. emtube is no longer up. I m wondering if there are other alternatives to watch videos online with my n81.. Thanks!

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