Video-Playback Comparison: Nokia N95 vs. iPod Touch vs. PSP

You all know it: You want to watch a movie while you are sitting in the bus or train. But what is the best device for that? I´ve tested three different portable gadgets: The Nokia N95 multimedia computer, the Apple iPod touch and the future of mobile gaming the Sony PSP.

They´re all very good devices in their thing, like the iPod touch in playing music, the PSP in playing games on the go or the N95 in making calls. But they got all one thing in common: The mobile videoplayer.

Today I´ve tested if all three devices are good in playing videos on the go or not and what´s the best of all.

At first I want to compare the dimensions of all three.

  • The Nokia N95 is 99mm long, 53mm wide and 21mm thick. And its weight is 120g.
  • The iPod Touch is 110mm long, 62mm wide and 8mm thick. Its weight is also 120g.
  • The Sony PSP is 170mm long, 74mm wide and 23mm thick. The weight is 260g.

As you can see the iPod touch is the thinest of all three and the PSP the biggest and with its 260g the heaviest device. The N95 is thicker than the iPod, but also very small.

So, let´s compare the video abilities. I´ve made a video of all three, playing the same video. Unfortunately I´ve started the video on the iPod a little bit to late, sorry for that, but I´ve tested over 5 times to make the video the same on all three devices and unfortunately it didn´t work.

As you can see, the colors on the N95 and the PSP display are almost the same, but the colors on the display of the iPod looking very pale. The PSP got the best colors. The quality of the pictures are good in all three gadgets, but in the PSP they look the best. As you can see the PSP got the biggest display and the N95 the smallest. But you can see all details in the N95´s “little” display as well.


The iPod Touch is the loser of the competition, it costs 299€ in the cheapest version but the videos are looking very pale and it´s very hard to convert them so, that you have a good quality.

The second place goes to the PSP, which has a briliant display, but unfortunately it´s very big for everyday in your pocket and the memory sticks from Sony are very expensive. So, if you want a handheld with very good video abilities and which is cheap at the moment (about 160€) you should buy it.

The winner is the Nokia N95 because the video was very clear on its display and its a very small device. You can carry it everyday with you in your pocket, and it will not disturb you in any way. You can also write SMS with it, look up e-mails and make phonecalls. If you have enough money, because it´s very expensive (about 650€ at the moment), it should be your first choice.


~ by Christian on January 9, 2008.

11 Responses to “Video-Playback Comparison: Nokia N95 vs. iPod Touch vs. PSP”

  1. […] U wilt op film kijken terwijl u in de bus of de trein zit. Maar wat het beste apparaat voor dat is? symbianworld heeft drie verschillende draagbare gadgets getest: De van Nokia N95 computer van verschillende […]

  2. Did, you encode the videos in native resolutions? It can change the colors.

  3. Why haven’t u compared N95 8GB. Its got a bigger screen

  4. N95 8GB has bigger screen, better colors and brightness…

  5. I converted it from original 320×240 *.avi in:

    PSP: 480×272 *.mp4 (App: SUPER)
    Touch: 480×320 *.mp4 (App: Videora iPod Converter)
    N95: 320×240 *.mp4 (App: SUPER)

    All three with highest quality. I´ve tested it 3 times for the touch to get this best result, and this was the best result I got.

    And I haven´t compared N95 8GB, because I have no 8GB. Norman has the N95 8GB, but I´m another symbianworld blogger 😉

  6. compare the psp slim lite, the n95 8gig and the apple iphone 😉

  7. ola pero mui buena comparasion i bien por el ganador i si es mejor ya ke puedes aser llamadas,tiene camara de 5mp con flach,cuenta con inflarrojo y bluetooth, muy buena calidad de imagen i de sonido,mas portable para traerlo siempre en el bolsillo y poder ver peliculas,cuenta con memoria expandible asta 12gb,con internet contando google , google maps y youtube y entre otros aunque aun asi me gusta mucho el psp ya se ke solo es un video juego portatil aunke no cuenta con inflarrojo ni bluetooth ni camara con flash pero tiene una buena calidad de imagen,de video y de sonido y ademas cuenta con muchos programas interesantes como skip,windold xp y vista,ipsp al igual ke google y youtube i memoria expandible asta 8gb pero el ipod no me gusta para nada grasias por su tiempo y adios

  8. great blog and video i was looking for this on net but i think u have explained the bast way .
    actually i m planning to purchase iphone /n95/n96 but I m confused and don’t want to make a wrong decision pls suggest i will read suggestions here only and i m adding your blog in my bookmarks
    your blog is great.

  9. Hi nillo,

    If you want to buy a new phone I would advice you to buy the N95 8GB or the N96.



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