Nokia N95 8GB v15.0.015: Official Changelog


Yesterday Norman reported about his update to v15 on his Nokia N95 8GB. He said that it will make you a total new device, because the changes and improvements from v11.0.026 to v15.0.015 are so good.

Now here is the official changelog:

New Features:

  • Flash Lite 3
  • General stability improvements for browser
  • Mailbox wizard correction
  • Improvements to email viewer
  • Bluetooth remote volume control improvements
  • W-Lan connectivity improvements when power save enabled
  • Improvements to W-Lan connectivity
  • W-Lan stability improvements
  • MT call improvements
  • Improvements to maps startup and closing
  • Music player maturity improved
  • Headset stability improvements
  • Correction to Chinese input in search application
  • Improvements to gallery
  • Correction to video center thumbnail creation
  • Improvements to application installer
  • Improvements to find function in music library
  • Night mode improvements in Camera
  • Correction to Sim initalization
  • Improvements to switch application
  • Performance improvements to eMMC access
  • Startup settings data updated
  • Default input method changed to BPMF when using Chinese language
  • Improvements to call history in call logs
  • Localization corrections

Source: Symbian-Freak


~ by Christian on January 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “Nokia N95 8GB v15.0.015: Official Changelog”

  1. Bluetooth remote volume control improvements???

    Whats that?

    I’ve the Bluetooth-stereo headset BH-500 an I cant controle the volum from phone, only from headset

  2. I have a nokia 8gb black on vodaphone in the uk and it wont let me upgrade firmware from 11.0026 ,as a total noob ,one queation

  3. You can´t update because of your productcode from Vodafone. Mobiles from Vodafone are branded, so that you can´t update until Vodafone will release the update for their phones.

    One thing you can do is flash to another productcode, but I wouldn´t do it if I would be such a noob.

  4. i’ve got a uk voda n95 8g and managed to update to v15 without prob’s!

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