Firmware: A new N95 8GB thanks to V.15.0.15

Some weeks ago I received the Nokia N95 8GB from the folks over at WOM World. I’ve used it pretty often to compare it better with the N95 and the N82. All in all is the N95 8GB the best multimedia computer on the market but there was one big thing, which pissed me off – the software/firmware. The N95 8GB I used was v10 and was pretty slow and unstable. In the last 3 days it crashed more than 5 times during I listen to music. More over the speed of the USB was horrible slow. I was really disappointed but than I read that a new firmware is available. Of course I updated the N95 8GB with the NSU to version 15.015 and I’m happy to say, that with the new firmware I also get a new device.

Almost all software downsides are gone now and furthermore some nice features have been added. Here some changes and additions I and also other User noticed:

  • Flash Lite 3 is now implemented fully into the browser. This causes that you can watch now native YouTube videos on your N95 8GB. Of course you can watch also flash videos which are on other sites like Dailymotion or Myvideo. You can see the videos in the browser or in a separate window.n95 8gb
  • Transferring content is now much faster. Seems Nokia has improved how the phone handles the built-in flash memory.
  • Booting is now about 20% faster.
  • Lots of ‘old’ themes are now working.
  • Gallery and Search are also faster as they’re kept in memory even after hitting ‘Exit’.
  • Web Run Time (WRT) has been added to support Nokia’s new Widget platform.

~ by Norman John on January 7, 2008.

7 Responses to “Firmware: A new N95 8GB thanks to V.15.0.15”

  1. On my N95 8GB I get a speed of around 700KB/s when transferring using USB, what speed are you getting after the update?

  2. Nokia site only finds the old What should I do to update my fimware? Why can´t the update software find this newer version(15.0.015)??

  3. Nokia site only finds the old What should I do to update my fimware? Why can´t the update software find this newer version(15.0.015)??;JSESSIONID_NCOM=JB2YHGldS7zS28zHtR14tQMPpStVjfsLK1YdKzJsLtHGX2k5FWMX!471651835?_nfpb=true&_windowLabel=T129023962541194421053046&_pageLabel=P915754&wsrp-urlType=blockingAction&wsrp-url=&wsrp-requiresRewrite=&wsrp-navigationalState=&wsrp-interactionState=_action%3D%2Fpageflows%2FSoftwareVersion%2FgetVersion&wsrp-mode=&wsrp-windowState=

  4. Hey
    its probably because you have your phone on contract. I have my phone with Three UK so i cant update it until Three has approved the new firmware. Hopefully that’ll be soon. You would probably have the same problem… your phone would be locked to a network provider.

  5. You can debrand your phone, it’s not particularly hard, though you void your warranty. Caution: Back up everything first as installing the new firmware cleans out the phone memory (not the 8 GB flash though) and thus swipes your contacts, calendar entries etc.

    See here for a guide:

  6. Also, be sure to use an 8 GB product code (scroll way down in the comments to find the 8 GB product codes) if you have have an 8 GB model, as it is not the same product code as the classic.

  7. salam

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