P1i vs. N73ME: How good is P1’s camera?

Sony Ericsson’s P1i is a multitalten. The business smartphone has not only a QWERTZ keayboard, however, also a 3.2 megapixel camera. But how good is this camera? To show how good or bad this camera is, I’ll compare the P1i with the N73ME. Both have a 3.2 megapixel camera and autofocus. The only difference between them is that the N73ME has a Carl Zeiss lens which improves the pictures a lot. Nevertheless I want to show you, whether P1’s camera can keep up or not.

Left: P1i right: N73ME

You can see, that the Carl Zeiss lens causes much more better pictures. N73ME’s pictures are much brighter although I’m haven’t used the flash. However, the pictures taken with the P1 aren’t bad at all.


~ by Norman John on December 27, 2007.

24 Responses to “P1i vs. N73ME: How good is P1’s camera?”

  1. I think the first 2 pics of the p1i are as better as the n73 pics

  2. The P1 pictures are much more realistic than the N73’s over-satured colours. You can see this on sample 1, 3 and 4. And mate, it looks like you used flash on the second picture.
    Especially the fourth picture at the left bottom looks crappy. And then there is Nokia’s horrible JPEG compression and JPEG artifacts on N73. P1 wins this one for me.

  3. Nope, I didn’t used a flash.

  4. Looks like it. Anyway, dude, if you think the N73’s pictures are the best, then you must be blind 😀

  5. Sorry, meant that it looks like you used flash on the first one.

  6. No, it was the light of my lamp.
    N73ME’s pictures are way brither. I like them more…

  7. Sure, brighter and much much more saturated. This is caused by Nokia’s crap camera drivers. Sorry man, but this is just not right.

  8. I think ín the first picture P1i winner, apart from this N73 ME. You are from an Sony Ericsson blog, I would envalue the pictures objectivly anyway. 😉

  9. Look at the second picture taken by N73, notice the dark portion under the monitor and the iphone handset turned blue. P1 handled that more naturally. and afarc P1 photos did not sport it’s camera issue: the green tint, instead i saw that ridiculous tint on N73’s inages(i’m referring to the first pics 😛 )

  10. bery95, you’re looking at this with your fanatic set of glasses no. in real life, there’s IS NO WAY the N73 pictures are better than what P1 produces. Have a look at the details in the pictures – who has the most details? Look at the third picture. On the right of the house there is a bike, but that’s not even possible to see on the N73’s outcome. This story repeats itself over and over again with the N73. And if you can’t see that, then you should seriously go to the doctor and have your eyes checked, because something is dead wrong with your eyes, it appears. And, would you please stop the f*cking nonsense talk about me being “from a Sony Ericsson blog” and that I therefore can’t judge them objectively! That’s a direct lie and I’m sick of it, you hear?!?

    What’s being fanatic in ways of judging phones and such, is this blog and its owner, who ‭recently told me that “nokia is more important”. With nearly all posts here being about Nokia, I don’t see why it’s called symbianworld and not nokiaworld or some crappy name like that. However, there’s nothing wrong with Sony Ericsson (forums!) when you need a little traffic on the site, is there, Norman? I doubt user ‘symbianworld’ at Esato, is there to take part of discussions rather than advertise for this place and all its endless number of posts about the Finnish crap. By the way, it’s not allowed to advertise there and especially not this heavily.

    Have fun running the blog. At least I don’t hide what manufacturer my blog is solely about.

  11. I can’t judge them in realy life, I am just talking about the pictures ahead. I am of the opinion, that the N73 pictures are the better ones, no matter what you say. I can clearly recognize the bike. The colors of the N73’s photos are much more realistic.
    However, I apologize for my comment.
    But I really think you should start an anti-aggression therapy, can’t you talk calmly when you’ve got a different opinion?

  12. @bery95
    Are you looking at the pictures in full resolution? Because then you’ll quite fast agree with me!
    And no, I will not start any anti-aggression therapy because I am calm. You just pissed me off with your prior comment.

  13. P1i or sony ericsson cam for that matter is more consistent than nokia’s. the outcome pic with P1 is more natural. sure that N73’s pic is much brighter but less natural, it looks like that they ‘over done’ it. bottomline…consistency, which P1i has

  14. @Michell Back
    No I didn’t watch them in fullscreen, because they weren’t linked. Now I did it and I must say that the P1i pictures are more detailed. However, I like the colors of N73’s pictures more.
    Also when you are pissed of by my comment: that’s a poor kind of talking with other people.

  15. bery95,
    Sorry, but you started it with your comment about me coming from a Sony Ericsson blog and that being the reason.
    But sure, N73’s pictures are much more colourful. This is because of the drivers making the colours extremely saturated. I’d bet that the colours weren’t like this in real life (remember that they’ve been shot in December!).

  16. ahhh,,, for me n73 captures nicely under good lighting but does poorly inside a room, on the other side the P1i is realistic than n73…so probably the best way of saying it is,beauty is in the eye of the beholder=)

  17. Look at the green grass in the third pic. The colour is more natural and realistic on the loft. On the right side the greens are oversaturated. Grass does not look like that. Surprisingly the Pi is better inside too.

    But remember, we don´t know the settings and this is only four pitures, after all.

  18. I can’t resist not to comment this. I don’t know about the Sony Ericsson but my N73 makes some really cool pictures.

    I’ve managed to make some really cool pictures with it but some really nasty ones came up too so when you use a phone you can’t expect to make pictures like a digital camera. I bet if you would take five pictures of the same thing none of them would be the same so sometimes you get it right and sometimes you don’t and that’s just how mobile cameras are.

    I would like to add that I totally respect Sony Ericsson because it makes some really good cameraphones but in a dark room all cameraphones make crappy pictures and that’s just it. Not depending on the brand

  19. p1i’s photos r much more real and better appearing while the n73me is jst realistic.. sony ericsson camera resolution is much better wen compared to nokia’s..

  20. turn off vivid mode on n73 then compair.these pic are in vivid mode which is not natural

  21. ive got to just say the house picture of the nokia looks liek it has a pastel affect on it, the SE one looks a bit grainy but i think its easy to see the definition on the trees and slats of wood are better on the P1. i wonder what the nokia would look like with out “vivid mode” its because of this saturation the image loses quality producing randomly coloured artefacts
    just got a P1 so im happy with my realistic pix, se still seem to have it in the photo and music department….

  22. really man ,,,, p1i is much more better than the n73.. p1i has more natural colours … nokia puts more contrast to pic.. but in real its notzzzz

  23. Hay why don’t you zoom those pics on your PC and show the results.
    I think that the zoomed pics of P1 will be much better than N73…

  24. pics taken by p1 are much much better than those of n73’s.. more realistic colors =)

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