Nokmote: Video and Screenshots

nokmot1.jpg nokmote2.jpg screenshot0031.jpg screenshot0034.jpg

I was really looking forward to install Nokmote on my N95 8GB finally. After weeks of waiting, Samir released Nokmote Beta 1 yesterday. Nokmote is an application using the built in accelerometer to control your mobile by moving the device. However, I’m not quite impressed of the beta version – it’s to sensitive and pretty hard to use. Nevertheless, Nokmote is a great application with which you can impress your friends. What do you think about it? Is that the right way the developers are on?

Here is a little video (recorded with the N82) showing Notmote running on the N95 8GB:


~ by Norman John on December 25, 2007.

8 Responses to “Nokmote: Video and Screenshots”

  1. Nokmote is not operate N82

  2. Indeed.

  3. hoe can i get te application rotate me and nokmote for my N95 please somebode send my an mail to thanks in advance…..

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    hi, can you send me that nokmote please

  6. cooool i want it. plz gib me this aplication.

  7. guys plz i really badly need nokomot for my n96 plz send it to

  8. i need this pro for n96 my @

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