Nokmote Beta 1 available!

It seems, that Samir want to make us a christmas present! For the donators there is the first beta of Nokmote available since today.

Some of us maybe found his e-mail already in their mailbox:


First, thank you all, and sorry for the delay.

I was very busy by rotateMe, my family and my job.

Beta 1 is scheduled for tonight (december, 24) and will be available for download on this forum.


If you have donated already, you can download it over at Samirs new forum, which is especially for beta testers. Note: IF YOU’RE A DONOR, you must register with your PayPal account to access his forum and download the first beta of Nokmote.

P@sco already downloaded the first beta of Nokmote and made a little video as you can see above.

So, enjoy your christmas present from Samir and enjoy the presents from your family, etc.! Merry Christmas to all of you folks!


~ by Christian on December 24, 2007.

39 Responses to “Nokmote Beta 1 available!”

  1. great this programme

  2. You could at least add the source, when you copy something from my blog…

  3. please give me link for download

  4. please give me the link to dwonload too

  5. Nokmote isn’t available yet. The download link will be published this evening.

  6. please mate make a little correction…

    it’s not:
    “Note: You must register with your PayPal account to access his forum and download the first beta of Nokmote.”

    but it’s:
    “Note: IF YOU’RE A DONOR, you must register with your PayPal account to access his forum and download the first beta of Nokmote.”

  7. Thank you, I’ll edit it!


  9. when will this be available

  10. i got it but i can’t use it because it needs the Pen key to activate and there is no Pen key on the N82!!

  11. Does anybody has a link where I can download it?

  12. can it work on the n82?

  13. @bery95: I didn’t copied it from your blog, I only found the news there πŸ˜‰

    @p@sco: thx for the correction, we’ve edited it.

    And for all others: If you haven’t donated, you can’t download Nokmote!

  14. thanks πŸ™‚

  15. Great tool, work it on the Nokia 82?

  16. jjjjnice

  17. Wow…. great

  18. Is this going to work on n73???

  19. No, it just works on N95 (8GB) and N93i

  20. were the link to download
    Thank you! for the excellent Program

  21. thank you

  22. on N81 worked????

  23. thank you for it

  24. How much do you need to donate?

  25. 1€ 100€ …as much as you like

  26. nokmote

  27. pleaaaaaaaaaaassssseeeeeee ineeeed this program……..i nide it……i like it…i have a n95 8gb

  28. How can I get this program. I cannot donate through PayPal

  29. I donated But when i try to sign in with my paypal email sign in on the forum, it does not let me, can anyone email me to let me know thank you

    Thank You and God bless You

  30. i would to to have this application on my n95, help me pls..

  31. Really nice programm. Thanks for this info!

  32. yeah tryed it, would like to say it needs a senitivity adjustment option, as was playing Ashpalt 2 Enhanced Edition & while it was abit easyer for the car control the bike control was just too light.

    An adjustment option will be the best bet to control things alot easyer for different games, maybe an option to turn off the shake for action/5 key press?

    Looking forward to new versions or other stuff you do, maybe a mobi-pad for other controlers like a PS3 BT pad? πŸ˜‰ or a mini usb driver for controlers to plug in?

  33. How much is needed for donation?? n where to download, and how to install into my n95 8gb?

  34. andate a la chucha

  35. ermm i going to get a n82 phone in 2 days and i also heard about this nokmote…. then, this app is very very very cool so i wish to get it… and.. i m 15 years i have no paypal account…so anyone plz help me how to get this app… please please and please…

  36. bvfdfsbvd

  37. it is going to work in n81……….? if s plz forward the link to download……

  38. It won’t work in N81 because this device doesn’t have an accelerometer.

  39. THANKS

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