RotateMe V2.0 Beta 5 available!

Today Samir released a new version of RotateMe V2.0 – but not the long awaited final version but the beta 5 of RotateMe. As you can read over at when there are no more bugs in this version he will make the final version available to everybody out there. But there´s something special in this last betaversio too: You don´t have to donate to get it.

I´ve made a few screenshots for you folks:

So, as you can see, now you can change the sensitivity, the inactivity delay, etc. by your own. That´s great because you can set it like you want!

By the way, if you found some bugs report it to Samir! I found no bugs yet.

Download here!


~ by Christian on December 16, 2007.

17 Responses to “RotateMe V2.0 Beta 5 available!”

  1. hey john !
    beim versuch das programm auf meinem n95 zu istallieren bricht das programm mit einem zertifizierungsfehler ab…. irgendwelche ideen?? das plugin war in selber version schon vorher vorhanden und ich habs nicht überschrieben…

  2. Hast du ein gültiges Zertifikat, sprich gesigned?

  3. Hm… zertifikat? habs einfach nur versucht zu installieren nachdem ich das bei dir runtergeladen habe.

  4. does it works on 6120 calassic

  5. No, it doesn´t work on 6120 classic. It works only on: N95 (8GB), N82 and maybe N93 (i).

    Du musst das file zertifizieren. 😉

  6. Thumbs up!!
    nice app!

    Looking forward to ShuptUp to acomplish level sensor functions^^

  7. hey i tried to install it in my N95 and it was not possible , somthing about a certificate error,,, can u send me instruction as to how to get a certified one

  8. bad only, that nokia not self add this tool to the phone 😦

  9. Hello, Does it work with Nokia N95 (not 8GB)? please help because every time i try to install it say certificate error on the phone.
    many thanks

  10. heyyyy, how can we install??? CERTIFICATE ERROR… 😦

  11. You have to sign the programm…

  12. how do you sign the program?

  13. Does it work on P1i

  14. For everybody out there:
    1. You have to sign the file before installing it on your phone!
    2. It works only on Nokia N95, N95 8GB and N82. It works on no other phone!

  15. Hello
    How can i sign it.

  16. Und wie Signier ich so ein Prgramm???

  17. kenwut said this on March 10, 2008 at 7:45 pm | Reply

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