N95 vs. N82: The advantages

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~ by Norman John on December 14, 2007.

29 Responses to “N95 vs. N82: The advantages”

  1. ist jemand der meinung, dass das N82 auch als “Music Edition” mit schwarzer rückseite kommen wird?
    Dann würde die rückseite so aussehen wie die Pavillion Notebooks von HP und die sind echt edel.

  2. A good comparison of N82 and N95 usability. I think I’ll get the N82 for my next device.

  3. […] N95 vs. N82: The advantages [image] In a lot of eyes is the N82 just a candybar copy of the N95. Both, the N95 and N82, have a 5 megapixel camera, […] […]

  4. do u mean to say that N82 has a worse music quality than N95?

  5. How does one bring up the menu that is shown in the second picture?
    Or is that some application? I’m new to S60 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Maybe I found it out — is it Tracker?

  7. It’s called HandyTaskman.

    N95 and N82 audio quality are a wash. Just if you have a finger on a loudspeaker is the sound not so good.

  8. Thanks, I’ll look into it.

  9. i have very quickly scratched my n82 while handling it very very carefully.huhu

    does anyone know of a scratch remover?

  10. Did you scratched the display?

  11. nice review 😀 thanx

  12. i scratched the portion a little to the left of the c button. it’s so annoying. i just had it for like 30 minutes and i am very careful when it comes to handling electronics. most of my gadgets look fresh after months and months of handling. but the n82 deemed itself special enough to be easily scratched. oh well. it’s just the outside naman.

  13. whats the best of the two?n95-1 or n82?>

  14. has

  15. awsome
    n82 its good rather than n95 classic that always hanggling up

  16. hey who’s the retard thats editing this garbage. the verdict was short and lame. horrible

  17. good reveiw buddy!

  18. I have the Titanium Nokia N82 and it has small cracks on the sides,,,huhuhuhu It’s really annoying I only have for like a month…so I couldn’t resist on putting a crystal case cover..as long as the camera and the LCD is unscratched I’m ok,,,I love this phone

  19. i like my N82 then my sister N95 in all think
    the black N82 is good then normal N82 while N95 hang so much i dont like N95

  20. go to hell . n95 has really better battery than n82 … BULLSHIT…

  21. the n82 is much lighter to handle than the n95 so i prefer the n82 which rocks

  22. N95 is better than N82….COZ u using N82

  23. n82 is way better

  24. i also th

  25. As an IT student, I chose N82 :). Why? U gotta do your own research about:
    1) Its hardware which N82 got 2 processors and much faster than N95.
    2) Xenon Flash. The very good camera and there’s no nokia phone has Xenon flash. do research about Xenon flash at google.
    3) Design look nice for those who hate slider better stay away from N95

    Good thing in N95:
    Battery consumption is better than N82, what else?

    At least N82 has the best feature among Nokia phone that is Xenon flash camera.

    And about the price of course N82 win

  26. yeah n82 is much better than n95.

  27. @fake IT student:
    n95 has 2 ARM processors too, idiot.
    although N82 has better firmware with better FP and camera, thats why it performs better.

  28. Only the Xenon Flash is the matter, otherwise i do not admire the small buttons of N82. Its very hard to write messages.

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