Nokia N95 v20.0.015 review (UPDATED)

before updating…


while updating…


Mission accomplished!


I´m sure you know that there is a new firmware version 20.0.015 for the Nokia N95-1, also known as the classic N95. Today I´ve downloaded this new version and now I´ll bring a little review to you.

The changelog of v20.0.015:

  • New camera software
  • Long press on camera button launches camera if shutter is open
  • New My Nokia SMS tips and mobile web portal system
  • Demand paging with about 30 MB free RAM after booting.
  • Search 4.0 integration on standby screen.
  • N-Gage game previews (FIFA, Asphalt) and portal/shortcut to upcoming N-Gage client
  • Nokia Music Store client
  • Keypress bug gone
  • Music player has a new visualisation
  • Videos usable as ringtones

As you can see there are some very good updates.

Now you will never get a failure message when you open too much applications, the new firmware enables demand paging!

demand paging

Almost 30Mb of free RAM after boot up!

fresh boot up

The new N-Gage platform is also included:


with 2 demo-games “Fifa 07” and “Asphalt 3”:

Fifa, Asphalt

Fifa 07 for the soccer-fans among us:

Fifa 07

The music player menu is in a new order…

Music Menu

The music player itself is in a totally new design:

Music Player

Music Player landscape

the music player got one new visualization called “circles”:


This is how it looks:



finally there is the new version of “Maps” included…



The new camera software makes taking pictures much faster…


and got an update, known from the N82, the raster:


last but not least, the speed of the camera with the new firmware:


~ by Christian on November 30, 2007.

20 Responses to “Nokia N95 v20.0.015 review (UPDATED)”

  1. Really good post!

  2. Here are few of my thoughts:

    For me the wait for the new firmware with the next gen flash and auto orientation has already started! 😉

  3. I’m also looking forward to the new FW!

  4. new video as a ringtone too!

  5. simply great post… and i can confirm all of the great changes!

  6. where can i download the new update!my nokia updater do not find the new firmware:-(

  7. Then it´s not available for your product code yet…

    One thing you can do is wait till it´s available. The other one is to flash your device. 😉

  8. I have read your post and You can find a reply to your post here …

  9. hi, i have just installed the version 20 on a german VF phone works perfect. i did the product code change thing. on a german VF phone

  10. my code is 0548986 cannot update my nokia N-95
    plz anyone help
    & mail me at

  11. i m looking for fiffa 2007

  12. There are some bugs in the new 20…-Firmware.
    The Diashow doesnt stop anymore, I had to pull out the battery.
    The Multimedia-menu doesnt open when using the slider.
    And some more…


  13. i cant update Nokia N95 v20.0.015

  14. how can i open the menu from the “Almost 30Mb of free RAM after boot up!” photo????

  15. you need handy taskman

  16. Indeed the menu doesn`t open anymore when you are opening the slider which sucks. And the problem with the slideshow is kind of fucked up.

  17. what program i need to close the call wen i hang up the call??? Please help send me a message 00393472498448 . Cristian from Italy

  18. please hellpppppppp! And i need some website where i can download games and applikation for s60 3rd edition! Plese help

  19. The program you’re looking for is probably “ShutUp!” by Samir. You can find it via Google. You can find applications for S60 in our “downloads”-area, which is located in the right column.

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