*Update* N82: Videosamples

After the N93(i), N95 (8GB) and the E90, Nokia has launched another multimedia computer recording videos with 640×480 pixels and with 30 frames per seconds. Using the TV-out function you and all the people around you, can enjoy the video on a big TV screen. To show you, how good N82’s video quality is, I uploaded some videos to Youtube and to Blip.tv. The three videos are taken in different light-conditionals. I advise you to watch the videos on blip.tv because over there they have a better quality but unfortunately my blog can’t display blip.tv videos so click on the links under the Youtube videos.

Now I know how to get Blip.tv videos to my blog, so here they are:

[blip.tv ?posts_id=511813&dest=-1]

[blip.tv ?posts_id=511882&dest=-1]

[blip.tv ?posts_id=511834&dest=-1]


~ by Norman John on November 30, 2007.

6 Responses to “*Update* N82: Videosamples”

  1. Nice! I love your work. Keep it up man!

  2. Hallo! Ich habe da doch WOB erkannt! Wo hast du denn schon das N82 her?

    Grüße aus BS!

  3. @andy
    Thank you
    Genau,das ist Wolfsburg, wo ich wohne.
    Das n82 habe ich von nokia zum testen bekommen.

  4. Alles klar! Hätte ich auch gerne gehabt. Na, da muss ich wohl warten bis man es endlich für einen vernüftigen Preis bekommen kann.

  5. its good but how bout the zooming capability? or it just cant zoom during video mode?

  6. Wolfsburg Rulez halt, dass beste was es gibt im Norden.

    Greetz vom Reislinger Markt. 😉


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