How strong is N82’s battery?

N82 Unboxing

I’ve receive plenty of emails of my readers, who asked me how strong N82’s 1050 mAh battery is. That’s a good question because battery life is really important for a lot of users. Therefore I’ve made a batterylog showing all operation( like music), time and the battery level. To check how strong the battery is, I installed nSys on my N82 which shows how much power the N82’s battery got. Before I started this batterylog, I charged the N82 the whole night, choose GSM as my network mode and set light sensor to middle. Besides I deactivate bluetooth and WLAN scanning to save more power.21.11.2007

  • 8:20 Woke up and turned on my N82
  • Checking emails via Wi-Fi
  • Listen to music via loudspeaker, level 60%, meanwhile I’m packing for school
  • 8:31 Went to the kitchen to drink a cup of coffee
  • Music still playing
  • Refresh some RSS feed to read them in the bus
  • Playing Game 2D using the built in acelerometer
  • 8:42 Game over – switched on TV and stopped music
  • 8:54 Went to the bus station, listen to some cool hip hop beats using the headphones, level 60%+
  • Reading some RSS feeds.
  • 9:20 Arrived at my destination, closed the music function to talk with my buddies.
  • 9:31 Entered the hell, oh I mean school, I have to switch of the phone.
  • 11:18 English and Spanish lesson is over so I can turn on my N82
  • Listen to music via headphones, level 40%, checking some emails via GPRS
  • 11:33 Music level is now 70% because I’m going in the city
  • 12:00 Back in school, closed the music function
  • My friend is playing a little bit Aspahalt3D and Game2D
  • 13:12 Switch off the N82
  • 15:00 Great, school is over!!
  • Checking my emails via GPRS
  • nSys shows 100%
  • 15:46 Archived home
  • Checking emails over Wi-Fi
  • 16:10 Opened MSN to chat with some friends
  • Listen to music via loudspeakers, level 50%
  • nSys shows 85%
  • 16:38 Had to went to training, so I switched of the N82
  • 19:32 Come back from training
  • Turned on the N82 and checked my emails over Wi-Fi
  • 19:57 My mum gave me a packed which I receive from WOMWorld
  • Making a unboxing video of the N81 8GB
  • Listen to music over the ia loudspeakers, level 40%
  • nSys shows 71%
  • 20:58 Open MSN to chat with friend again,over Wi-Fi
  • 21:04 Log out
  • 22:38 Checking emails and wrote some as well
  • nSys shows 57%
  • 23:04 Searching a satfix
  • 23:06 Switched offN82 – good night!


  • 8:20 Woke up and turned on my N82
  • Downloaded some podcast and playback them via loudspeakers, level 80%
  • 8:46 Stop the podcast and took a shower
  • 9:15 Went to the bus station and listen to music via headphones, level 50%
  • 9:34 Closed the musicplayer and made some pictures
  • Received a song via Bluetooth
  • 9:50 Switched of the N82
  • 15:00 Turned on my N82 and listen to music via headphones, level 50%
  • 15:10 Showing a friend some videos
  • 15:16 Back to pocket
  • 16:00 Taking some pictures
  • nSys shows 14%
  • 16:13 Made some short calls
  • Connect the N82 with my PC
  • 17:08 Surfing in the web
  • 17:16 Stopped surfing
  • 18:26 Playing with Google Maps using Wi-Fi and GPS
  • 18:33 Battery is empty!!

~ by Norman John on November 23, 2007.

55 Responses to “How strong is N82’s battery?”

  1. Hello,

    very nice test! I think tha t baterry is very quality! What do you think?
    Could you write your impressions about music quality on headphones (loudness and clearness of the sound)!

  2. […] Norrman over at the symbian blog has tested the battery on his new nokia n82. It seems that the battery holds better than my n95 classic. Read about this test here […]



    i should bought this phone, but now i dont do it 😦

    can i use N95 8GB battery (1200 mah) ???? does it fit ?????

  4. Why is GSM and Light sensor at medium not good at all? In my opinion is this a good and also realistic setting.

    I don’t know if you can use N95 8GB’s battery in the N82.

  5. the badest thing of all. is that he switched OFF the phone the entiry night…i never do that with my k850 😦 😦 😦

    why Nokia, you bastards, you destroyed my christmas…he he he

  6. no needed any test,need 1600mah battery-so dont be stingy nokia,give us powerfull battery whit next models or we will choose htc ore asus whit wm6

  7. […] If you’ve got any questions, head over and leave a comment. […]

  8. It is not known when phone will act in free sale??

  9. That’s a good post. I’ve been very impressed with the battery on my N82, I think it lasts as well as my N73 does on similar usage, and the N73 has been the best to date of all NSeries phones.

  10. not many phone calls. if there is a day during the week when you use the phone to make calls for at least an hour can you post your results us? in my experience with all of the n95 versions, the phone seems to drain the battery the quickest and i would be interested in seeing what kind of effect it has on battery life

  11. yeah i agree with george. i regularly makes call what happens to the battery when makes a lot of call is is gonna last long or juz a typical nokai phone….

  12. So is the battery of n82 bettermeaning will it last more than that of the n95 8gb?

  13. You hardly use your phone to actually make a phone call 😛
    good test though 🙂

  14. Hey,
    which programm can i use for Symbian 3rd Edition to get RSS feeds over WLAN? Can you advice me an application, please ?

    Greetz TaToosh

  15. I don’t use any extra programm. I only use the internet application 😉

  16. ah okay, thx 4 answer. but i’m still searching for a good little client (best one -> freeware).


  17. can you compare the n82 battery life to the n95 8gb? i have the 8gb and am thinking about switching to the n82. i am happy with my current devices battery life, and only take a couple of pics per day, so the flash wont be drawing too much power.
    still wonering about what kind of an effect an hour of calls makes (in gsm mode).


  18. One day and a half… That’s too bad…

  19. i think turning off your phone can lessen battery life.

  20. Very nice test! But in above test the phone was closed on 21.11.2007 -> 9:31 to 11.18 am, 13:12 to 15:00, 16:38 to 19.32, total approximately 7 hours and on 22.11.2007 -> 9:50 to 15:00 approximately 5 hours, so we can see the phone closed total 12 hours {approximately}. My question is, does the phone runs that total 1.5 days if you keep the phone on that 12 hours?

  21. A nice little test. From your usage the power seems to go down most when you use the WiFi on the internet. Other than that it appears to cope very well. I’ve ordered mine on O2 and it should be here in a few days

  22. Time to detract and pamela anderson uncensored pictures those uncommon cells. She stared romantically at him and devoured an eyebrow.

  23. Great post, after getting 10 hours on standby from my N82 (no calls, no wifi, no nothing except a single text message) I figure something’s wrong..

  24. Not bad…use wi-fi,camera,GPRS,GPS,bluetooth,play video,play 3D & 2D games,play music in loudspeaker and headphones,made short calls…The worst is the phone has been switched off 5 times…Its ok for a multi-function phone,can K850i do that?

  25. nice post budz i surely gonna buy it

  26. Actually, since I updated my N95’s firmware from V11 to V20 the other week, it seems to have had better battery life. It hasn’t overheated or crashed once since then – something it used to do 2 or 3 times a week! However, the battery life is the worst I have EVER had for any mobile phone – and I’ve had a lot going right back to ancient analogue BT Cellnet ones!

  27. Good Test.

  28. coooolll…..gud 1 [:P]

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  30. […] World blog has put his N82 through its paces to see how well his battery stood the test. Click here for the post. No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. […]

  31. can teach me how to check the battery life in N82??can email me at

    thanks ya..

  32. […] World blog has put his N82 through its paces to see how well his battery stood the test. Click here for the […]

  33. Hi, may i know how to download the nSys which u’ve got to verify the battery of ur n82. my n82 seems to have short battery life..

  34. Yesterday, I made a call with my N82 (no other apps running) and at the about 80 minutes, the phone began to alert me that the battery was low. This would not have happened with my N73. Love the Xenon lens, but IMO battery life s*cks!

  35. I’m getting the N82 next week, I hope the battery life will be better then the ipod touch’s battery life…because that’s crap.
    A day and a half is however enough for my needs. I now have the K750i, which has an AMAZING battery life btw

  36. I used my N82 has a digital camera for a day tour of Manila. I started at 8am and by 3pm I had 2 bars left. This was after taking over 100 pictures and making a few 1 minute phone calls.

  37. i love that phone !!! eehaa

  38. I think a more realistic test, is to test the battery usage for phone usage only. The other applications are only fluff when trying to evaluate battery usage, since no two people use them the same way, but everybody uses a mobile phone to make and receive calls.

    I’m looking for a new mobile to replace my ancient Nokia 6100. After 5 years, I still get 5-7 days battery life (only phone calls and texting), with it switched off overnight. I would hope to be able to achieve this with a new model, if all the other superfluous apps are disabled.

    Does anyone know of a site which realistically tests the battery life of the current crop of smartphones?

    Many thanks,

  39. my n82 doesn’t last more than 24 hours… love the phone… but batt dies too quickly…

  40. OMG batterylife sucks! i mean its ok aparently considering the average phones of today have lousy batterylife. Though I think i’ll rather buy a digital compact camera plus a nokia 3110 instead. the 3110 may be a sucky cameraphone but it packs 7 days of batterytime. Maybe in the future when they find a way to give us decent batterylife i’ll buy a modern phone with camera and wifi… until that ill stick to regular.

  41. […] wytrzymałość baterii w N82 też zresztą o tym świadczy. Użytkownicy donoszą o żałosnych 2 dniach funkcjonowania! SE K850i wytrzymuje do 4 […]

  42. my n82 charger full after charge. i open garmin xt mobile ,after 30 minute ,my n82 battery life empty. How can give my battery life to be strong when playing GPS?but no play gps,battery can use 2-3 days.

  43. […] World blog has put his N82 through its paces to see how well his battery stood the test. Click here for the […]

  44. Have you ever tried to call anybody?

  45. how many messages can N82 send with vibration n sound alert on before d battery dies? Because im a texting freak so i wanna know.

  46. Why not a GPS test included? I fully charged my N82 and used the GPS for about an hour. Did some USB transfers and play a little 2D, make a call of 2 minutes and the battery was gone! Not even half a day. Now I’m thinking to not use the GPS unless I’m in the car while the phone remains charging again. But you know… I don0t really use the GPS on the car. I would rather use it while walking on an unknown place. What a waste! BTW I had RotateMe 2.1 on the background and firmware 30.0.019

  47. Good test.
    I really like the features of this phone, except for the battery. I have a n95 8GB and I was thinking to change to n82 because I want xenon flash, but I would not buy a phone that you have to charge the battery daily!!

    I think Sony is much better regarding battery performance.

  48. I don’t know how you manged to get so much power out of your n82, here’s my time log for my n83 yesterday.

    17:00 Battey full been on charge all day at work

    19:00 – 21:00 Few short phone calls, 10 – 15 txt messages

    23:00 – Set alarm for 8am


  49. has anyone bought a new higher capacity battery?

  50. ok people listen up, i got used n82 ( about 4 months) and this is my battery rewivew
    at 14:47 phone says batteru full
    14:48 i take it from charger
    14:48 i open music player and play first song
    leave it there for 4 houers to play via headphones
    18:30 First signal of battery low
    18:37 second signal of battery low
    18:40 third signal of battery low
    18:41 forth signal of battery low
    before anything i wann say that all settings were ULTRA LOW
    GSM mode, gps, wi fi , bluetooth all turned off, screen was off all the time, screen brightness was on lowest, hmm what else yes, i sended/received few messages while listening music, but thats all
    I think thats pretty poor for NOKIA , shell i buy another battery or reset my firmware ( i got v31 firmware) i do not know what to do people,
    yes btw i installed Energy Profiler, and while playing music it says that it will last about 8-9 houers while playing music but i cant hold more then 4 damn houers , ANY IDEAS ?

  51. I have purchased n82 handset around 2 years back but actually these dayz my battery is nt working properly, so can you please tell me what is the problem going around.

  52. I have purchased n82 handset around 2 years back but actually these days my battery is nt working properly, so can you please tell me what is the problem going around.

    Ex- suppose if charge the battery in the night, then it get full charged with 2 hrs bt i do use in the morning if i use for 1 hr nt fr continously then it shows almost quarter of the battery. so please let me know should i purchase a new battery or do something else.

    kindly reply me back i have mention my email.


  53. New Battery should the job, i had almost same problem like you
    i listened music like for 3 houers and then phone from FULL Bars drops to 2 bars and drys in few mins, i got new original battery and it holds up to 2 days with heavy usage! 🙂

  54. My battery holds up 1 day …. Fucking Nokia N82 …

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