Pop4Real – My N81 8GB and new videos

I hope you still remeber Pop4Real’s N81 song and also the lip sync. contest. Today I received a new packed from WOMWorld (thank you). In this packed was the N81 8GB which I won some weeks ago. Donna told me that on the N81 8GB are two special videos waiting for me. After turning on the N81 8GB, I started to watch the videos. The first video is a mix of all lip sync. videos which attend. You can see Ricky, Mark, me and also some more. There are also some special guest in the video – Mike, RichardG and FrankG from WOMWorld. The other video shows some important members of Nokia lip syncing the N81 song and doing a pretty neat choreography to it. So, I’ve uploaded these video to Youtube so you can watch it. What do you think about these videos? I like them, they are really funny and a cool reminder for the attendees. Besides that it shows, how creative WOMWorld is.


~ by Norman John on November 21, 2007.

4 Responses to “Pop4Real – My N81 8GB and new videos”

  1. NICE videos. Is that Anssi Makela in the background on the 2nd one? Bust a move, man!

  2. I don’t know his name, but he hosted the virtual event (Go play).

  3. […] the guys at Nokia joining in with some outstanding dance moves thrown in. Jump to Symbian-World to comment and ask questions about the N81 and the […]

  4. I’m 99.9% certain the one with the black hair is Juuso, a very famous Finnish radio DJ.

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