New Nokia N95-1 Firmware: 21.0.001


Today I´ve found the news over at symbian-freak that there will be a new firmware version for the Nokia N95-1 (classic). Some of the changes since 12.0.013/14 are that there will be demand paging, the search application in active screen, new folders in menu, new applications and the implementation of the new gaming platform n-gage. But the best update is that there will be almost 30mb(!) of free RAM on fresh boot up now!

After boot up...





The firmware is not available yet, but when it´s available symbianworld will report it to you…

Source: Symbian-Freak


~ by Christian on November 20, 2007.

6 Responses to “New Nokia N95-1 Firmware: 21.0.001”

  1. […] i reported that a new firmware for nokia n95 is about to be released, and now the guys over at symbianworld reports that the phone may have more FREE RAM after a fresh boot.  I really hope that its true. […]

  2. Really cool news you brought us 😉

  3. is demand paging capable on the nokia n73?

  4. I think demand paging requires FP1…

  5. I’ve read all the Nokia N95 blogs today, and it’s funny to see how news travels from one site to another! Who was the original blogger to discover this news?

    Hey! It is still good news regarding the firmware, but if I blog this on my website, do I need to say where I saw the firmware news (because technically I have seen it everywhere)…????

    Great site though!!! (yours I am talking about).

  6. Is that Version 20.0.015?

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