LightSabre V1.3 for N82 and N95

Some days ago I noticed that Ricky Cadden aka. Symbian-Guru reported about an application using the built in Accelerometer API of the N95 for a lightsaber application . Back than my N95 was in the NSC so I couldn’t test it. However, than I reveive the N82, also with an Accelerometer API, and I could test LightSabew V1.3 . This new version include more functions, like a control for the volume and a choice to fight for the Dark or for the Light Side . Besides that you can press any number key for a sabre hit sound effect.

Here a video ( recorded on my N95) showing how it on my N82 works :

Important: Install it on the phone, not on the memory card!

Download LightSabre_S60_3_X_v_1_3.sisx from Symbian- Guru

Lightsaber v1.3

If it doesn’t work, unistall it, install Accelerometer API and install LightSabre once again.

Download N95AccelerometerPlugin.sis

Accelerometer API

Source: Symbian-Guru

~ by Norman John on November 17, 2007.

17 Responses to “LightSabre V1.3 for N82 and N95”

  1. may the force be with you ! 😀

  2. where does one get an N82 these days?

  3. Works a treat on my new N95 8GB in black (I’m on the dark side)

  4. Works great on my N95 8GB, I had to download the N95 Accelerometer Plugin though!

  5. sis file is now corrupt 😦

  6. Where can i downloade this from ??

  7. The link is broken, so you have to use the barcode

  8. How do i use the barcode ?

  9. Link is dead

  10. Yep yep, sorry, but I’ve gotta say it as well, the link is broken, where can I download it from? because I am really excited about getting to use the applications that require this software.

  11. I have loaded 1.3.sisx to savefile if it’s any help.

  12. Thank you!!

  13. any ideas why mine wont open?

  14. […] the help of this program, you can turn your phone into your very own Star Wars light […]

  15. pointless …arse

  16. try MOSH for downloading

  17. save file is updating
    anyother site?

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