Video: Nserie’s multimedia menu

Many user haven’t seen it yet, Nseries’s new multimedia menu which is already in the N95 8GB, N81 (8GB) and N82. However, while I was playing with the N82, I found a neat video called ‘Welcome Demo streaming’. This video shows the new multimedia menu in detail. Of course I upload this video to Youtube. So lean back and enjoy the video.


~ by Norman John on November 16, 2007.

5 Responses to “Video: Nserie’s multimedia menu”

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  4. Could you please tell something about the keypad? How does it handle? Are the keys strong enough to be felt? How precise can you handle them, how are they according to the N70? Better? Worse? Equal?

  5. Nice feature of the video made even better by a good soundtrack. Any idea who the artist might be for the track?

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