N82: The RAM issue – it rocks!


One of the things I do love about the N82 is the RAM issue – 120MB RAM and about 94MB after a fresh boot, that rocks! Most the N95 and N93(i) user know the problem – you’re listen to music while your’re surfing in the web and suddenly the browser or the music crashes down. Using the N82 you will never have this problem again. To test if the N82 will close any application, I opened every 62 application I got on the N82( picture below) but nothing happen. It’s nifty, isn’t?



~ by Norman John on November 15, 2007.

12 Responses to “N82: The RAM issue – it rocks!”

  1. Wo kann man das Handy denn hier in Deutschland kaufen?

  2. It’s not available in Germany so far, maybe in a month?!

  3. is it restart after using many apps ?
    i was trying to do this in my N95 8GB (more than 75 software + GPS + Bluetooth) and after several minutes , it was restarted !

  4. When it will be available in Germany? in the middle of december? because i need a new mobilephone. k850i, n81, n82 or lg ku990???

  5. @maXeR:
    I opend every applicaion I have on my N82 ( 62) but nothing happen.

    I dont know when it will be available in Germany

  6. I´ve thought it is available since the 14th all over the world!? Or is this wrong?

  7. Now, it was just launched on 14th…

  8. This is one Great Phone

  9. http://www.chip.de writes that the pone has been redated to first quarter of 2008

  10. It rocks too bad the phone looks like crap 😦

  11. sexy phone

  12. the black version doesnt look like crap =p

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