N82: A little picture gallery

So, what a busy week – 3 exams, the iPod touch and the N82 ( thanks WOMWorld). However, now I have a lot sparetime so I’ll post a lot about the N82. First of all I want to ask you, my readers, if you want to know/see something special? If so, leave me a comment or contact me. I start with a little picture gallery of the N82. In the next days I’ll post some photo and video samples, some tests and a review, so stay tuned. How do you like the design of the N82?


~ by Norman John on November 15, 2007.

20 Responses to “N82: A little picture gallery”

  1. Thank You 🙂


  2. Hi! Please show how fast the camera is -> a little video activating the camera, shoting a pic and saving it.

    Thank you!

  3. Okay, I’ll record a video in the end of the day.

  4. Where have you bought your N82 ? Please.



  5. I dind’t brought it. I received it from Nokia ( WOMWorld).

  6. hmm is the keypad comfortable? will it get cramp for fingered like me?

  7. i meant to say fat finger like me

  8. Is it true that the naviwheel is disabled on your phone? Also is there usb charging when you connect the n82 to your pc via the supplied cable? I am also interested to see how quickly the GPS locks on without using AGPS.
    thanks for your review.

  9. @Kelvin:
    I have normal fingers (not fat nor skinny) and I have just little ptobles with them, However, if you sue it on a daily basis you ganna used to it.

    What do you mean with: Is it true that the naviwheel is disabled on your phone?
    I connected the N82 to my computer and the nothing happend so, NO!
    It’s fast, I`ll look tomorrow on my watch to tell you the time.

  10. Sorry, did not understand your last reply.
    Is the naviwheel working on the phone ?
    Are you saying that the phone cannot be recharged using the usb connection ?

  11. Naviwheel, you mean like an iPod or the N81? No, it`s a normal navikey!
    The N82 cannot be recahred using the usb connection ( maybe using the newewst PC Suite I will tested it later).

  12. There is a video on the web showing the center button being used like the wheel on an ipod. I believe they may have been using the Gallery Application, rotating around the outside of the wheel allowed the pictures to rotate on the screen. This may have been a preproduction unit, or a fake, not sure. Nokia has stated that there is no naviwheel or USB charging on the N82, but there has been so much misinformation over the past 36 hours I would rather take the word of someone that has the phone in their hands. thanks again Norman John

  13. Yeah, I also saw the video and was wondering why it didn#t worked on my N82.

  14. Have you noticed any bugs with the OS or anything else with the phone. I would like to be one of the first to own the n82, but it seems to take a few months to work things out, usually after the first or second firmware update. I would be happy to use one now at a discounted price, but I can wait a little while.

  15. When will it be available? Can I buy it now or must I wait some months? And how much does it costs (€)? Do you know this or can you ask WOMWorld pls?

    Thnks for the photos 😉

  16. […] Norman over at symbianworld has posted some pictures of his demo nokia n82. Check out the high quality pictures here  […]

  17. Thnx 4 sharing

  18. Brilliant photos,
    Any videos?

  19. How about the sound of the N82? I’d like to use it as a mp3 player, so not sure if I should better go with SE W series?
    I also like to use A2DP earphones. Any experience about flawless transmisson?

  20. […] already made a image gallery of the silver N82 which you can find here. However, the N82 Black looks in my eyes ways better than the silver one. What do you think when you […]

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