N95 and N95 8GB Video Comparison

Nechbi from iGadgetlife.com brings all N95 8GB fans a neat comparison video of the N95 and the new N95 8GB. Take one or even two looks at this nifty video.


~ by Norman John on November 5, 2007.

7 Responses to “N95 and N95 8GB Video Comparison”

  1. O.k its in my favourite colour the 8gb one but its the front buttons that put me off getting this one i bought the N95-3 Nokia released in the usa to try to take the apple iphone sales down,the back an battery on the N95-3 are same as the black one an really glad i bought this instead of the blackone

  2. Wow, I never realized how much slower the older one is. Thats pretty sad.

  3. hmmm no prominent changes on new nokia n95 8gb only the change is it is built in 8gb.and the annoying thing is camera lens not protected in n95 8gb

  4. his nokia original nokia n95 is damn slow. i have 2gb memory card in my original n95.it is full only 330 mb free memory.i have instaleed lots of software and games.it turnson completely in only 25 second only.even i have installed 93 games on my n95.i think his firmware version is old.i have latest firmware

  5. His normal N95 is very slowly, he should maybe reset it…

    btw, what color is it? Is that grey? It seems not to be a sand one.

  6. Yeah, its neither sand nor plum. However it do look great

  7. in n95 8gb map navigation program there is no tracking you can only

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