Nokia Music Store goes live in the UK

Nokia, the world’s leading handset manufacturer, announced today that the much-anticipated UK Nokia Music Store will open its virtual doors on 1st November.

Millions of tracks from major artists, independent labels, and up-and-coming UK acts will be available alongside a host of interactive features such as music browsing, personal track recommendations, and a favourite artists search function.

With a single account, music lovers can access the Nokia Music Store via their desktop computer or directly from optimized Nokia devices beginning with the Nokia N81 and Nokia N95 8GB, which are both on sale from 1st November 2007.

Individual tracks will cost 80p per track and albums from £8.00. The Nokia Music Store will also offer a monthly subscription for PC streaming for £8.00.

The store’s intuitive user-interface makes streaming full-length tracks easy, and offers options to create customised playlists and note tunes on a wish list that you can decide to buy later. Tracks purchased can also be transferred via your PC to compatible Nokia devices.

“The Nokia Music Store offers great usability along with a huge selection of music,” said Richard Sandford, Regional Manager, Nokia Music UK & Ireland. ‘”By having an integrated mobile and PC download service, the Nokia Music Store is a fantastic way to build a music collection that is truly mobile.”

All music on the Nokia Music Store can be purchased through a variety of payment options, including credit cards and pre-paid vouchers.

UK Nokia Music Store is available from the 1st November at


Source: Nokia press


~ by Norman John on October 31, 2007.

2 Responses to “Nokia Music Store goes live in the UK”

  1. Hey. Since you are an expert on all things Nokia…How would you rate the Nokia brand vs. Motorola? I have a Motorola Q, but the Windows OS platform that it has does give me trouble at times in terms of the smooth transition between screens and other small glitches. I was thinking about getting a Nokia as my next phone, but I had to ask someone who seems more knowledgeable than most. Nice post also. I know that the launch of the music store in the UK was highly anticipated.

  2. So. Windows vs Symbian.
    That’s a good question. I’m as a Symbian fan want you to know, that I’m not a huge fan of Windows.Indeed, I’ve only tested two mobiles running on Windows but in my opinion is Symbian better. We’ve a larger community and S60 2nd Edition offers you tons of freeware application. However, if you have MSN, Skype or ICQ, we can talk there more about this cool topic.

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