Another spy pic of the Nokia N82


So, just some days left till the next episode and today a other spy pic of the N82 appeared over at mobile-review. The N82 is a N95 in candybar format with a Xenon flash. Jump over to our earlier post to see more pictures and information.


~ by Norman John on October 31, 2007.

2 Responses to “Another spy pic of the Nokia N82”

  1. Mobile-review emailed me saying it was going to be announce by Nokia on the 2nd November an i keep looking for the news an announcement from Nokia,the N82 i hope can show a improvement from the N95,as i hope Nokia don”t make the same error with the N82 put to many functions on the mobile then put a weak battery on it thats stops you using the functions an the batteries drained out,it looks like the same body as the N73 come on Nokia get it out before xmas please as my contracts done then

  2. It’s gonna be announced in a couple of weeks. However it`ll be announced definitely!

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