N95 with 1200mAh BL-6F battery! It’s possible!

Jose_R.A.M has posted a really cool article about the N95 and the new BL-6F. As you maybe know the N95 has only a 950mAh battery. Now it’s possible to use the strong 1200mAh battery of the N95 8Gb and N95 US in the original N95. However it’s only working if you use a crystal case. Jump over to read the whole post.

Source: MyNokiaBlog



~ by Norman John on September 28, 2007.

4 Responses to “N95 with 1200mAh BL-6F battery! It’s possible!”

  1. what i bummer!!!
    for a moment i hopped it was possible without a crystal case 😉
    … but nice^^

  2. Cool! But i think the crystal case will have a crack… hehe.

  3. Hehe. Thats the reason why I will buy a N95 8GB 😉

  4. It should work without the crystal cast thingy! I mean there is a small space between the original n95 battery (BL-5F) and the cover. So IMHO it should work..

    Hopefully I will try it soon. And if it does work I will post it somewhere.

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