N93i: Black version

I really love the N93i but now I saw the N93i black version and I fall in love again. I never knew that there is also a black version of the N93i. This version is being sold over in Asia. How do you like it?

Source: Pcpop.com 


~ by Norman John on September 28, 2007.

9 Responses to “N93i: Black version”

  1. what?! black n93i ? There’s no such thing here in Brunei (Asia country!) .. but its cool!!

  2. I only read that the N93i is available in Asia. However, strange that nobody knew it before.

  3. looks soo awesomee !!!!!!!!!!

    but i dont think its available in India yet

  4. I want it for Europe. It looks so pretty in this black color. I felt in love with it…

  5. but don’t you think this phone is abit outdated? heh.

  6. ^^ yep but its still so beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh, you´re right. It is outdated…

    …then i want the successor in a beautiful black design like this, hehe.

  8. i buy it in iran about 5200000 rials

  9. lol Officially by Nokia no Black Phone is there its a color done locally in Pakistani market

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