N73: White edition pictures

Here are some pictures of the white N73 which will released in Asia. How do you like the white N73? I do like it because it looks really nobly and cool.

Source: Justamp


~ by Norman John on September 23, 2007.

6 Responses to “N73: White edition pictures”

  1. woah..nice nice! isn’t this white edition is the “special edition” for ramadhan? ok now i’m confuse.

  2. The last picture could also be a before – after picture. First white, than black 😉

  3. Very nice!I have the basic Nokia N73 and it is awesome!But I am going to buy Nokia N95 8GB soon, or if there would be N94, N97 or N98 if there it would!I don’t know!

  4. Very Nice,,,How Much iS iT???

  5. this special edition is not include features in music edition,.u have to upgrade it,.but it’s cool though,.and u’ll get bluetooth handsfree as a bonus,.

  6. my boyfriend bought me the white special edition n73 and i love it…everybody likes the white casing and they keep on asking me where did i bought it…i haven’t seen any white special edition n73 here in the Philippines. im so glad to have one…

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