The switch from N93i to N95

Some weeks ago I had to sent my lovely N95 to Nokia. In this time I received a N93i from WOMWorld to trial it (thanks again!). I really like the N93i and I was used to it. However after 2 weeks I get my N95 back and I sent the N93i back to England. Now I want to tell you how the switch from N93i to the N95 was. There are some aspects I really love and some I hate.

Good aspects

Sound quality:
After using the N93i as a mp3 player for 2 weeks it is now a pleasure for my ears to use the N95 as a musicplayer. The sound quality of the N95 is a lot better than the N93i’s sound quality. The N95 has a 3.5mm jack, extra musickeys and stereo speakers whereby the N93i has only a monospeaker and a normal Pop Port. Therefore I’m using the N95 as my mp3 player and nothing else. I connect it to my logitech speakers and enjoy the music.

Form factor:
If you compare the N93i to the N95 you can see/feel the the huge size and weight different. The N95 is really handy and not so big like the N93i. Besides the N95 feels really good in the hand and also in your pocket. However, despite of his size the N93i feels also good in your hand.

I thought that 0.2” aren’t much but when I saw the 2.6” screen of the N95 again, I couldn’t believe how I watched movies on the 2.4” display of the N93i. However the screen of the N93i is a little bit brighter and sharper than the N95`s screen, nevertheless is the fact that the N95 has such a big display much importantly for me.

This point depends on the user and his finders. I have neither small nor big fingers but it was really difficult to write sms or emails on the N93i. The keypad is big and looks good but nevertheless it’s really difficult to write sms. I was happy when I get back my N95. The keys of the N95 are small but they are curved and good for me.

Bad aspects

Built quality:
I was really used to the N93i and his great built quality. It seems solid like a rock and feels really nobly in my hands. However, than I get the N95 back and I was shocked. It feels cheap in my hands. Than I saw the space at the slider which piss me off. How can it be that Nokia’s flagship has such a bad quality?

Optical Zoom:
That is a feature I’ll really miss. The 3x optical zoom of the N93i was usefull and good. Okay, I know that a optical zoom needs a lot space but I’m looking forward to see more devices with optical zoom.


~ by Norman John on September 22, 2007.

9 Responses to “The switch from N93i to N95”

  1. Woow amazing comparative, anyway i´ll get the N93i first ^^…

    Thanks so much for this comparative! cheers.

  2. about the keypad on n93i, i agree with you. its really difficult to type on it..N93 keypad is far more better!

  3. I’ve played a little bnit with the N93 yesterday and the keypad is far more better.

  4. […] you’re thinking about going for either device and want a good comparison, this is a great place to start. If you’re an N93i owner and are thinking about going for the N95, again this is a good […]

  5. Thanks for the comparison after buying the N95 I was disappointed in the build quality and the buttons where touchy it sometimes answers in my pocket due to the ease at which the slide moves. I have gone to the n93i and not looked back. I do miss the mp3 quality and the 3.5 jack but I was still using my iPod anyway so it was not a big loss.

  6. the N93i is the great multimedia comp for the N-gage 2 platform.
    But unlike the N95, N93i doesn’t have:

    1) Built in GPS Navigator
    2) HSDPA support
    3) 5 Megapixel camera
    4) 3,5 mm jack
    5) and a load of small features that the N95 has, like the FP1 for instance.

    the N95 which is a great multimedia computer as well. In terms of technology the N95 is way better and much more functional and smarter that N93/N93i, but the major problem with this device is its ergonomics. I mean the button orientation which makes it’s difficult to play on. But it does have GPS and HSDPA and lots of other things.

    dilin anand –

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  8. […] The switch from N93i to N95 […]

  9. ooh… i’m currently using nokia n93i. b4 this, i had tried n95’s music, but too bad… the sound quality wasn’t what i expected. though it comes with stereo speaker, it just sounds too sharp without any bass. and now i came to realized that i was so lucky bcoz i’ve chosen n93i to be my phone. the sound quality is just too good either through headphone or directly on the speaker. people will never know, that there is one thing called “bass enhancement” in nokia n93i’s speaker. futhermore, i have got the megabass setting, which, in case make the bass sounds even stronger…

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