What does the ”N” stand for?


Do you know what the ”N” in Nseries stand for? I think it has no special meaning but what do you think? What could the N stand for? What do you john together with the N? Post your thought.

My thought is: New


~ by Norman John on September 15, 2007.

11 Responses to “What does the ”N” stand for?”

  1. eNNtertainment.

  2. N to tie in with the N-Gage platform that was always intended to be a direct tie in etc.?

  3. It’s said the E in E-Series stands for Enterprise series, while the N-Series is the multimedia series. But the N, it’s really unknown stands for what.

  4. Yeah.
    However, I want to know, what the the N means to you.

  5. Hmm..Ok i don’t know what it stands for.. but N-series is the multimedia series.. ahah

  6. Oh, what it means to me? Well then when it comes to the latest N-Series Nokias like the N95, I’d say it stands for “Not so perfect…” or “non-performing” or even “not-usable”.

  7. Then to me it’s the best series Nokia has ever released. I agree it has some bads such as instability, but come on, instability comes from the plenty of features induced in those devices. And stability is improving if you notice

  8. For me the “N” stands for “Nokia” it shows you general the multimedia ability of the brand Nokia.

  9. Well, if i recall right it´s just as the first commenter said: It stands for eNtertainment. I remember reading it somewhere, on some kind of “official” site i wouldn´t think of setting this one just up. Would make sense anyway..

  10. How’s about “Next”, as in “Next Generation”?

  11. guys guys… its perfectly obvious that the “N” in the “N-Series” means that nokia produces so much models that they ate up all the number they could think off, so they decided to use letters with numbers to broaden their model collection//

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