Hello, my name is N95…

Hello, my name is N95 and I’m really sad. Till yesterday everybody loved me, everybody talked about me and wanted me. I was the pride of the whole family. However, August 29, 2007 my brother was born and my whole life changed. There is now such a hype and everybody wants the N95 8GB. This is unfair! I’m the reason the N95 8GB was born – due to my parents saw that I’m so popular they decide to ”create” my little brother. It’s a bad felling to stand in the shadow of my little brother. Even Ricky, Stefan and Rafe love my brother, before he was born they played with me every day but now they just talking about the N95 8GB. I thing that nobody like me. Is this all because I’m silver and he black or because I was born with a low battery and a wobbly slider. However, what should I do? My brother is perfect. He is healthy, stronger, and looks better than me.

The N95 would say this, when mobiles could talk 😉


~ by Norman John on August 30, 2007.

10 Responses to “Hello, my name is N95…”

  1. hahahah……….lololol

    dont worry u poor little n95 ……u still have a better screen coz ur brother has a larger screen but the same resolution as u have……….so u produce less granier and better pictures than ur brother

    u still have a plus point………BOAST IT !!


  2. He is fatter too, and thats a step backwards for my taste. You should be worried about your new cousin the N81. He is “da bomb!!”

  3. yea n81 is good……..but it lacks a good camera and also it doesnt have such a good processor as the n95 plus it doesnt have a GPU
    it has the same processor as that of the n76

    but n81 has really really really awessome speakers

  4. LOL..Good one Norman.
    Anyway the brothers will be so jelous when next year parents bring their new love chiald 😉

  5. […] post about the original N95 and the newly announced N95 8GB. The title of his post is “Hello, my name is N95…” and the post is about the “old” N95 feeling left out and like yesterday’s […]

  6. Very funny. And probably what all my mobiles say whe I ‘adopt’ a new one.

  7. lol i love this post!

  8. Thx Mark 😉

  9. n81 has a faster processor. 369 versus 333 i believe. the n95 is an ugly phone with unecessary features. long live the n81!


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