N81 & N95 8Gb: More pictures

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~ by Norman John on August 29, 2007.

20 Responses to “N81 & N95 8Gb: More pictures”

  1. nusdgfesgh rtuesf

  2. wat a phone

  3. that is a cool phone

  4. it’s very nice but to coster

  5. wow this phone is sooooooooo super duper cool

  6. i need one

  7. im gonna get 1 right now..!:O

  8. i have just got n95 8gb there really good there unbleavlable

  9. im trying to get one does anyone know where i can get one im in hawaii????? (808)-628-8650

  10. this is a good phone may i please have one

  11. i wish i had one

  12. bellissimo x il compleanno me lo compro

  13. amzing phone i love it nd im getting it whoooo

  14. that is very beautiful phone

  15. the best phone ever

  16. if ever u want to give me a phone just call me 09297794028

  17. I’m getting one next week can’t wait


  19. salam ajab goooshiiiii hast in N95 kash manam poolesho dashtam
    mikharidam yekiii
    midoonam ke nemitooni in nazaro bekhooni

  20. i got 1 nigga and i live in the caribbean BARBADOS to b exact,i clash all my friends wit my music and they ain’t got a chance wit there little memory sticks.8gbs is the shit THANKS NOKIA i’m gunna soon cop me that 96

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