Sand N95 changed to black housing

You maybe have seen the black N95 8Gb. I think a lot of you love the black colour and you can`t wait to have it in your hands finally. For those who can’t wait and want to have it in their hands, I have a tip. Jump over to and take a look how Maximus changed the cover of his N95 from sand to black. In my opinion it looks really good but I like the ”oldschool” version more.



~ by Norman John on August 26, 2007.

7 Responses to “Sand N95 changed to black housing”

  1. It’ll be impresive once we have black keypads too.. This doesnt look that great IMO.

  2. Black keypads coming soon as the seller who i bought my Black fascia set as been sent a photo of the new N95i an he as toldme the keypads an two seperate parts for top an bottom of the N95 will be available in Black soon

  3. Great!

  4. hey how do you get the clock in stand by mode to go big like that?

    thanks carl

  5. Just thought i’d mention that the black keypad and top-bottom bits are available now.

  6. where can i buy this, other then ebay?

  7. can you upload a pic with the slider open up?

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