R.I.P: My damaged N95

I wanted to relax in my vacation. However my vacation were horrible. On the second day of my vacation something really horrible happens. I was playing Snake and suddenly the screen turns green, blue and than black. After a restart it was totally black. That was a disaster for me – I wanted to look movies on my N95 and go to the Internet but that was not possible. Some days after the tragedy I turn my N95 on and the screen works but only till I press a softkey, navikey or any other key from the upper part of theN95.I thing the contact between the grafic-chip and the screen is damaged. However, thanks to the multimedia keys I could listen to the music, that was really good for the long journey back to home.

However, when I connect the N95 to my TV, I could see everything on my TV. So, unfortunately I have to bring my N95 to the next NSC. Now I have no N95 or any other smartphone for the next 4 weeks.


~ by Norman John on August 20, 2007.

6 Responses to “R.I.P: My damaged N95”

  1. my n95 too has been damage last night. how can we fix it? and how much will it cost?

  2. gee.. this is exactly the same what had happened to my n93 few months ago. I brought my n93 to mobile shop, and they say i need a lcd replacement. hoho.

  3. Like I said. I will bring it to the NSC.

  4. Ohlala, seems like we had the same problem!

    Mine had the same problems and it just happened last wednesday, all of a sudden the screen turned green and then, the next morning: black.
    I brought the N95 to a nearby NSC and they changed the displays (!?) and reformatted it. Since then it has been running smoothly and also way much better than before.

  5. Btw, I was also afraid that they’d send it in, but fortunately, they changed everything within one day.

  6. So,I was now at the NSC and they send it to Nokia, now I can only wait 😦

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