Gnubox for S60

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~ by Norman John on July 24, 2007.

116 Responses to “Gnubox for S60”

  1. wuhoo thanx fr posting man !

  2. n yea ..its not only fr n-series

    its fr all s60 phones !!

  3. no need to install mrouter or analogue proxy etc. i had done this without these.

  4. no need to install mrouter or analogue proxy etc. i had done this without these on my ibm laptop and nokia n73.
    internet speed is 115.xx kbps. amazing!!!!

  5. no need to install mrouter or analogue proxy etc. i had done this without these on my ibm laptop and nokia n73.
    internet speed is 115.xx kbps. amazing!!!! contact me at , in case you need help.

  6. thaks

  7. access point setting cant be done i dont have datacall option is it only me or anybody else too have it i use n70

  8. thanks friend but i need another thing i have tv software for nokia 6600 and this software need gprs connection what the solution for this i wait u’r reply on

    if i recieve u’r feedback i will be thankfull to u

    thanks in advance

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  10. when i instal gnubox on my phone there’s not certificate….and the gnubox don’t instal on my n 73….can u help me???send me your answer to my email at

  11. I’m about to install gnubox in my phone and the PC installation and configuration, can anyone help me with the acurate stept to take.I have N70 and my email Address is thank as you help me out. or if posible we can chart with yahoo messenger because I’m always on line.

  12. Not work on N93 (((

  13. gnubox_s60v3.sis

  14. lol tis is for 3rd generation nokias like n73

  15. What did you mean?

  16. I tried this with E70 and everything else seems to work, except I can’t load any website! When I connect, all seems fine, but I can’t load any website. Just a white screen emerges.

  17. when i instal gnubox on my phone there’s not certificate….and the gnubox don’t instal on my n 73….can u help me???send me your answer to my email at or

  18. when i instal gnubox on my phone there’s not certificate….and the gnubox don’t instal on my n 73….can u help me??? can u arrange for certified version of gnubox?? Pls send me your answer to my email at or

  19. i cant register on
    how to register pls tell me

  20. Here is the link:

  21. hye plz anybody help me for my n73

    m-router will connect then disconnect nex moment

    any body knows any other alternate

    my id is

  22. can someone help me sign my certificate. I have some problem..

  23. hey every one i did signed the gnubox nd still wn i install it on my nokia 5700 mobile it tells me that there is a problem in the certifcate nd it dont install 😦 any one can help plz

    send me at thanks alot

  24. is dere any gnubox for E65?

  25. how to do this withour a proxy or mrouter on N73? please post steps for the same. thanks a lot

  26. when i click on BRING UP IF.. GNUBOX SAYS ALREADY IN USE 😦 help me plz

  27. my problem solved now 🙂 i used debug option.

  28. alert(‘hacked by atcore’);

  29. “>alert(‘hacked by atcore’);

  30. can i use gnubox on E65?

  31. no gateway reply. why?!can sum1 tell me?? wut da hell da gateway!!?? X_X warghh

  32. I have an error massage, after trying to connect with m-router: Reason: The m-Router service could not be found on the device or Bluetooth may be disabled. Error Number:80042000. Is that means that n73 doesn’t have a serial port service for bluetooth? pls help couse i’m already desperate.:(

  33. thanx! I want to leave a note here for vista users, who have problems wit making the connection. Goto network and sharing center > manage network connections. press alt button and choose file > new incoming connection.
    good luck.

  34. hi i am not too clear with the command prompt procedure. pls i need a clearer explanation.

    Signing The File
    – Go to “Start” -> “Run” -> type command
    – In the command prompt, type cd (then go to your sissign dir) (enter)
    – Then type signsis -o -s -v gnubox.sis gnuboxs.sis gnubox.cer gnubox.key password (enter)

    example: signsis -o -s -v c:\gnubox.sis c:\gnuboxs.sis c:\gnubox.cer c:\gnubox.key xxxx (enter)
    thank you

  35. hey i tried to register at symbiansigned, but no matter what email i use,it doesntwork…

    help (ive tried non public ones)

  36. when i open m-router – there appears a message:
    License invalid, shutting down stack server.
    besides my phone isnt discoverd.
    what can i do?

  37. my friend, I have big problem!
    first of all, it did’t work on my n73
    second, and most importantn, i can’t acces anymore to Acces point, simply it wont open!
    Any help?

  38. Please Gnubox for Nokia N93

  39. it looks like the cert process changed and the way above no longer works .. any idea ?

  40. seems here all of you have a problem with signing the gnubox. it is important to register your own phone’s IMEI and get your own certificate in and use a non-free email address such as gmail, yahoo!, hotmail, etc.

    and my only problem are, i have configured it on my n80 but i cannot connect via mrouter, Reason: The m-Router service could not be found on the device or Bluetooth may be disabled. Error Number:80042000.

    i tried to connect via gnubox->debug->test comm channel, only connect for a while then disconnected. if i try gnubox->debug->bring up if, it says memory full. can someone help me? hehehe…thx in advanced.

  41. does it work for n81 gb? ne1 tried it?

  42. Has anybody succeeded in using it on Nn95

  43. not able to install it on n73, it gives a message “required application acess not granted”

  44. The latest DevCert tool is available at this link You cannot get the DevCert at the link mentioned in the blogpost. To get your copy of gnubox signed, you need to have a symbiansigned account also. The email id for registering this account cannot be yahoo or gmail or any of the free email service providers. It has to be something else.

  45. Please help.. im using N70-1 and i am able to make it work using the Opera browser and some application but my problem is I can no longer edit the BT access point. I cannot point the default browser and other application to the Bt access point to use it since it cannot be viewed on the access point configuration… please let me know if this is normal or do I have to make changes…tnx

  46. On, i couldn’t find the place to upload the .csr
    There is no ‘Developer Certificates’ on the left after clicking th tab ‘My Symbian Signed’
    Please help.

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  48. I’m using nokia6120 and the mrouter is giving me the error while connecting to my cellphone

    Failed to connect
    Reason: an invalid argument was supplied
    error code: 80072726

    can someone help me with this plzzz

  49. okay now the browser is saying connection timed out 😦 plz someone help me

  50. Finally I got it working for my 6120 Hurrayyy

  51. Re:
    error code: 80072726

    i have the same problem and no idea how to solve it :s can anyone help me please mail:

  52. #

    Finally I got it working for my 6120 Hurrayyy

    USman said this on March 7, 2008 at 5:03 pm

    Men am stuck.Can you help me I buy same phone as yours 6120classic.My problem is when I try to reg on: I get this msg:
    Registration from this email domain is not allowed.I tried dosents e-mail accounts from any ISP providers in Serbia and I got same msg over and over again.What can I do to get account there?Any help is good.Big greetz from Serbia…

  53. does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

  54. btw if any one gets the problem of accesspoint not opening dont format…it wont help.

    dont unistall gnubox either.

    just go and select delte records.

    if it doesnt work tha select create records.

    i tried it 3 time before it worked.

    but alas i already have my phone formatted.
    outsmarted by the smart phone:P

  55. btw delte record and create records option is from gnubox.
    so if u have uninstalled it..u need to install it again

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  58. arcisad
    hi plz can u finsh the all sitting for ppl who used Vista

    coz i have the same problem that is cant find the m-router service 8002400


  59. I cannot choose Data call as bearer on my E51, so am not able to create a new APN called Bt… What to do? Please email me at if any solution to this. Thanks!

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  61. can i do this on my nokia N73Me

    i have regest my gnubox
    but problem with th m-router (iam using vista but have errro prpblem that the serviece is no avilable :S

    so i think if there is onother prog like m-routerworking with vista ,, thats will be cool dont u think that vista users


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  66. mrouter doesnt connect to my n95 -.- fuck you damn shit

  67. all fine , but when i connect my n73 music . it connect and after few seconds it disconected ?

    so who have the solution here guys , any way thank u for ur thread man , its pretty nice ,

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  68. hi to all, i went on; Open Signed Online (Available (Beta) ), i wrote my IMEI, email and uploaded gnubox_unsigned.sis. All went ok so far. i downloaded the “signed” file gnubox. I downloaded it with PC Suite and phone tells me that can’t install it because of certificate condition. WTF? please advise me. Thank you

  69. it can not use for n77, please help me, thank you very much

  70. thanx a bunch for your great efforts in helping us…really worked on my n73ME. 100% working!!!

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  72. Help me used gnubox 6600, thanx.

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  75. Thanks a lot

  76. I have a Nokia E51 with flat rate data and also Nokia N70 can I share the E51 internet connection to N70 from the other phone some how using GNUBOX?

  77. Yeah…. I ment… I have a Nokia E51 with flat rate data and also Nokia N70. Can I share the E51 internet connection to N70 some how using GNUBOX?

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  80. Is there Gnubox for N-GageQD?Help me to get Gnubox n how to use it?

  81. Is there Gnubox for N-GageQD?Help me to get Gnubox n how to use it???Plz reply to my e-mail

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  83. how can i use free internet using n70 cause it has no datacall and also can yu email me this gnubox on ma email,cause i cant find it in any other sites im tired of searchin and not getttin it:s

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  91. for god sakes .. i can’t get an account on tht symbian shit ,, so this is for kind people .. plz share with me ur account so i can download the gnubox and watever .. so plz help .. i spent two hours trying and nothing worked iam in the zero level .. eehh
    help me !

  92. I am Unable to Install GUNBOx on my E61i…I need to Connect Internet using cell phone…tried just every there an alternate way..???

  93. i install Gnubox..when install i see write is certicate….help me..i need conect internet free.internet use pc to phone n73me…email me…


  95. To sign the .sis, go to

    This is intended for public and you may avoid some procedures.

  96. Does this feature exist in Nokia X6? I’ve X6, but it doesn’t seem to work…

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  101. Gnubox for c5-00

    can anyone mail me gnubox link for nokia c5-00

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  105. can any one help me when i tried to connect my n70 though gunbux it says gunbux already in use can any one have solution of this>

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  111. […] Gnubox for S60 | The Symbian Blog – Jul 24, 2007. cipiculla said this on December 17, 2007 at 12:34 am | Reply. I'm using nokia6120 and the mrouter is giving me the error while connecting to. […]

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