N95 vs. Tour de France

I’m a big fan of the Tour de France and I’m really fascinated of the riders` achievements. Till now I never had the opportunity to check out my skills. I never had a bike-computer but now I have the N95 and Nokia Sports Tracker. So I decided to check out the route from home to my school.
Just packed my N95 into my pocket (slider open) and rode to school. The route has some hills but nothing special. I was riding really fast and I tried to ride as fast as possible. After I reached my school I checked my results and they are really good.

Here my results:

This results are nothing when you look at the riders at the Tour de France. Their average speed is 39 km/h in in the mountains and their maximum speed is about 90 km/h. This is an amazing performance. I will try to improve my results in the next days and post them


~ by Norman John on July 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “N95 vs. Tour de France”

  1. Till now my highest speed with the bike and Nokia Sports Tracker was 56.8 km/h.

  2. Well the pro´s are doped 😉

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