New firmware for every N95 available

Some days ago the new Firmware 12.0.013 appeared but it wasn’t possible to update N95 with determined productcodes. So, a lot user had to wait some days for the updates but now it’s available for every N95. Now you can update your N95 over the Nokia Software Updater (NSU).

Phone is faster

A-GPS support

Camera bug fixed

Zoom in gallery is now available for up to 800%

Those are the most important updates.


~ by Norman John on July 12, 2007.

5 Responses to “New firmware for every N95 available”

  1. “Unfortunately, new bugs have crept in. There’s now a hugely annoying missing-keypress bug, in which one in every couple of dozen keypresses gets err… ‘missed’ by the OS. And doing ‘Search by category’ inside Nokia Maps causes the phone to restart. Just as bad, I was using the camera last night to take some video at my daughter’s school open day and, ten minutes after finishing shooting, the N95 was still very warm, symptomatic of some software process inside the device that’s still running flat out, with the battery seemingly having gone from full to one bar inside half an hour, I’ve seen this sort of behaviour before on my old N93. Removing and reinserting the battery seemed to do the trick, with the phone obviously now returning to normal temperature and even showing three bars of battery left now that the rogue processor load wasn’t present.”

    source – allaboutsymbian

  2. The best way to get the new firmware on your N95 is go to the Nokia website an go to check software availability an put code number 0534844 an it will then say get it an you will then be able to get the software launch to 12.0.013 it takes about 25 minutes but it improves the N95

  3. You mentioned about repeating of N95 audio test with new FWs. Will you do a new audio test for N95 with V 12.0.013?

  4. Where can I get this oppdate from ??

  5. Here can you download the NSU:

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