Audiotest: N91 8Gb vs. 5700

Nokia has a new music phone, the Nokia 5700 Xpress Music. It has you special musickeys and you can boost it up to 4GB and maybe more. Now I and Connect tested it, to look if it is really a music phone. In our earlier two test the N91 always won.Who has the best audioquality? The 5700 or the N91?

So let the battle begin:


There are only minimal waves in the bass and tonic-area which provide for a beefy play back.


Up to the early waste in the bass, is the sound really linear.

Both phones are great musicphones, have a good user interface and have a lot space for music. Like in the two other test the N91 wins this time again. The sound quality is a little bit better but the quality of the 5700 is good, too. No matter which phone you chose, you have a good S60 musicphone.


~ by Norman John on July 9, 2007.

21 Responses to “Audiotest: N91 8Gb vs. 5700”

  1. wuhhoooo thanx ……… so my 5700 is quite good


  2. Yes it`s really good.

  3. here is my mini review –

    “5700 and n91 both have mini-usb

    n91 has better sound quality (actually the best) in EARPHONES*

    5700 has really good stereo speakers….whereas n91 has a mediocre single speaker

    5700 is clearer and better in bass than n73 (both in speakers and earphones*)

    n91 has built-in 3.5mm jack
    5700 has 2.5mm jack……and the 3.5mm adapter is provided with it

    this is really a drawback but u can use non wired (direct) 2.5mm to 3.5mm converter

    5700’s resolution – 240×320
    n91’s resolution – 176×208

    5700’s processor is faster (really fastttttt !!! 369mhz)

    5700’s ram is better (64mb)

    but 5700 CANNOT support more than 2gb…whereas n91 is available in 4/8gb models

    5700 and n91 “8gb” have A2DP (but in n91 4gb its hasnt been implemented it…but i guess it has the hardware and will support A2DP in future firmware releases ….but u cant really rely on this)

    5700 doesnt have wifi

    5700 and n91 have 3g (but u cant make viddeo calls frm n91 as there is no dual cam and also the cam doesnt twist……lol)

    5700 has camera flash

    the music player is quite decent and good in both

    *note earphone quality can be compared only if u use the same earfones to test all of them “

  4. Thx ayush3090, nice mini review.
    You cover more aspects than I, however I only cover the audioquality.

  5. update –

    according to some forums and blogs 5700 does support microSDHC which means it’ll support 4,6 and 8 gb cards too

    but im not 100 % sure

  6. Yes ayush it does support microSDHC am useing Sandsk 4GB bought off china ebay THanks Norman John for trying out my idea by the way if you try both mobile equ. bass at max you may be amazed at the results…

    By the way Norman John do you know what Stereo widening really is (i know) email me on will tell you the rest

  7. I have opened up my Nokia 5700 and 4Gb N91 and i found the same 33 DSP but you can note that the chip is physically smaller than my old N91…

  8. hi,I own N91 8gb as well as 5700,i compared both phones with same headset,i personely think n91 is sounded much much better than 5700 infact than any other music phones. n91 produces greatest sonic experience than 5700.N91 always rulz.

  9. 5700 is a very very nice looking mobile na!

  10. well i have a N91 8GB and believe me the 5700’s music quality is no where near as good or loud. but 5700 has a much better screen and even for radio its better than n91.

  11. believe me, 5700xm has better sound than n91.. bass is good

  12. umm no @matt

    n91 is the best when it comes to music

  13. plz tell me which one is louder n91 8gb or nokia 5700

  14. witch is best , the nokia 5700 or n91 (on music)

  15. please tell me that wich one is the best musicplayer ( best musicphone )

  16. Please tell me whether debranding 5700 into a non EU firmware can increase it’s volume output?

  17. halo guys im looking 4 5700xm is it good ? im a big symbian fan please help me in between n73 nd 5700xm

  18. 5700 support 4 and 8gb micro sdhc cards.

  19. […] es ideal para que se puedan leer libros como quiere el creador del tema y para ver videos. Aqui Audiotest: N91 8Gb vs. 5700 « Symbian World hacen una prueba de la calidad de sonido entre el N91 y 5700 donde segun dicen el N91 le gana por […]

  20. […] es ideal para que se puedan leer libros como quiere el creador del tema y para ver videos. Aqui Audiotest: N91 8Gb vs. 5700 « Symbian World hacen una prueba de la calidad de sonido entre el N91 y 5700 donde segun dicen el N91 le gana por […]

  21. hello i m danish kha from pakistan
    i used both sets but i can say one think n91 sound much better then 5700 but othervise 5700 is good phone

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