N95 vs. PDA – What’s the better videoplayer?

Memorycards becoming bigger and encoding videos becoming easily, so a lot people watch movies on their PDA and smartphones. I wanted to check what device is the better videoplayer. N95 or a PDA.

The PDA has a big 3.5” QVGA display and the N95 has ”only” a 2.6” QVGA screen. The display of the N95 shows 16.7 million colors whereby the PDA has only 65K. I converted both videos with SUPER converter (here the settings for Nseries).

Here the video on Blip.tv

How you can see is the visual quality of the N95 better than the quality of the PDA. The colors are for it debt. The N95 has 16.7 million colors and the PDA only 65K.
Winner: N95

The quality of the video on the PDA is not so good as on the N95 however the screen of the PDA is a lot bigger and it`s a pleasure to watch movies on the large screen. You see more details and other thinks.
Winner: PDA

What uses the best videoplayer if you can’t enjoy the audio of the movie? Therefore it’s important that theses devices give you the opportunity to plug in headphones. The N95 and near every PDA have a 3.5mm jack where you can plug in every headphone. A other function of the N95`s 3.5mm jack is the TV-out function. You can connect the N95 to the TV and playback the movie on it.
Winner: N95

Both devices are good videoplayer. You don’t need any extra player because the integrated player is very good. If you only want watch movies on the way you should take the PDA. However, if you have the possibility to plug in the N95 in a Tv you should choose the N95.


~ by Norman John on July 6, 2007.

6 Responses to “N95 vs. PDA – What’s the better videoplayer?”

  1. Nice Vid. In my opinion the N95´s display is more colorful than that of this PDA. And i think on the display of the N95 you can see it clearer.´

    But at this point i´ve got a little pleasure: Next time choose another kind of music. Many people, including me, don´t like this kind of music. I think more general music, who everyone likes, would be better (e.g. Guns´n´Roses or RHCP).

  2. Did you use particular settings for the TV-out function (e.g. 640×480 pixels)?

  3. Yes normal settings
    The quality on the TV is really good but unfortunately you can’t see it in the video.


    Sorry,I have only Rap and House Videos on my Pc 😉

  4. Hideous music.

  5. i think the best thing in N95 is that it is more secured in the language of connectivity and speed. PDAs are very slow and not secured. N-95 has got only one problem that the battery life is very less as the energy dissipation of battery id very high as the N-95’s battery actually joins with three strips and loses charge very easily. but overall performance and functions of N-95 are unbeatable in term of price.

  6. Yes I agree.
    This PDA has a 1200mAH battery and the N95 only 950.

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