Nokia needs bigger displays

The display is the most important think in a mobile phone and in a device like a N95,iPhone or P1i still more importantly. The first S60 devices had a 2.2” display and than a 2.4” (N73,N93). Now N95 came with a 2.6” display and I have to say that the display is to small. It has to be at least 2.8 inch (N92) or even bigger. Surf in the internet or watch movies at a 3.5” Display is a real pleasure. So please Nokia, put in the next Nokia flagship a big 3” or even 3.5” display in.

What do you think? Are bigger displays necessary?


~ by Norman John on June 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “Nokia needs bigger displays”

  1. Look at the display of a Sony Ericsson, and then look at the display of your N95. So, in my opinion, the Nokia displays are very good for cellphones.

  2. Yes.However the N95 isn´t a normal cellphone. I like to have a bigger display.

  3. You’re getting easily sucked into iEnvy.

    Bigger screens will come, but for specific handsets that require it. Remember, bigger screens have their disadvantages to the device as well.

    Patience young padowan.

  4. Norman, I want to have a bigger display too 😉
    But a bigger screen also means a bigger device and a higher power consumption…
    A bigger screen makes sense as far as a touchscreen is concerned…
    But also a touchscreen has its disadvantages…
    And – in my opinion – touchscreens are not fully developed yet.

    So, I have to agree to iHypeTired… patience

  5. At the N95 is a little space for a bigger display…and for the power Nokia could use a 1200 mAH battery.

    I hope my next mobile (1 year) will have touch and a 3” display 😉

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