N95:Benchmark with different RAM

Yesterday I was running SPMark on my N95. Than I wanted to know, which score my N95 gets when it has only 4.5MB RAM, 12.5MB RAM and nearly full RAM(19.8MB). What you can see is,the more RAM the device has the higher the score gets. If you want to test your device visit Futuremark. My best score was 6881.What was your best score? Post it!

Here the scores:

4.5Mb RAM: 6784

12.5MB RAM: 6841

19.8MB RAM:6877


~ by Norman John on June 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “N95:Benchmark with different RAM”

  1. Pretty good point, there.

    Mine was 6861 with around 10 megs of RAM. Pretty good score, but N93(i) does the job significantly better because they haven’t got FP1, as stated in my N95 review 🙂

  2. mine is 7000 with 16MB RAM

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