Test:Nokia CP-191

Darla posted some weeks ago about a original N95 case.Now I have the CP-191 and I want to tell you some positive and some negative aspect of this original Nokia case and to give you my personal opinion.Here some pictures.

Read more to see the pictures and to read the whole post.

Positive and negative aspects

+ good processing

+ properly matching

+ original Nokia

+ can use most the function

+good protection

-no place for microSD cards

– no opening for the 3,5mm jack

-really difficult to write a sms

– you can’t fasten it on your belt



The CP-191 can’t convince me.There are to many negative aspects e.g that you can’t listen music(via headphones) while it’s in your pocket.Other aspects that you have to bear in mind is that you can’t fasten it on your belt and that it`s difficult to write a sms. I would not buy it one more time. I would buy a other case.Tell me what you think.


~ by Norman John on June 23, 2007.

9 Responses to “Test:Nokia CP-191”

  1. Is the magnet that holds the case closed strong enough to activate the slide like on other cases?

  2. There is no magnet.

  3. I just ordered mine from eBay today. I think its the best looking case while still able to use most of the phone features. I think the Krusell case is the only other case that comes close.


  4. Yes you are right.however there is some space for improvment.

  5. I had a whole punched into the left side to allow for the 3.5 mm head phone plug. Works fine

  6. I why don’t you get yourself a cp-235 you can use all its functions with that one

  7. can you answer without open it? I mean if someone calls, should you open the case?

  8. I have difficulty with this case to having a phone call because the lid is very annoying, quite regret it that I’ve already bought it

  9. As soon as I got my N95 I got the Nokia case but also found it impractical – I now use the excellent Noreve leather case. It is perfect. I got it at http://www.absolutelyu.com

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