Nokia N95 macro photography

The last two days I was playing with the camera of the N95. Than I found the macromode and played a time with it.My first impression was AMAZING. It’s really impressing that a ”little” smartphone like the N95 makes such good macro pictures.Here some comparison photo between macromode and automode.Tell me what you think. See here the pictures at Flickr.


Left site:macro right site:auto click to enlarge







~ by Norman John on June 18, 2007.

12 Responses to “Nokia N95 macro photography”

  1. awesome stuff man ..
    keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Very impressing macromode pictures!

  3. 10x BeerBong & Chris

  4. […] Now Symbian World has snapped some great images that show you again just how close you can get with the N95 in macro mode. Jump over to see the close-up shots and get your comments down. […]

  5. hmm interesting, but we all know that on auto mode, it can focus on close up objects, just, it refuses to do so and just shoots right past, unless you activate the macro mode. I think the feature on the N95 is nothing more than an extra function for the camera mode. But may be useful to avoid mis focus or accidental close up focus when objects are not close.

  6. Oh,it`s a honor,the photo expert from symbian-freak, here on symbianworld

  7. […] ziet de foto’s, met een vergelijking tussen de macromodus en de automodus, op deze link. Technorati tags: close up foto macro n95 nokia […]

  8. […] accompagnées d’une comparaison entre les modes macro et auto, peuvent être admirées sur ce lien. Technorati tags:close up foto macro N95 nokia […]

  9. here you can see n95 pictre with optics 15x zoom

  10. they only wanna do you dir. Stacy Fabian.

  11. […] propose également une revue photo complète. Et celle de MobileXpert. SymbianWorld propose quelques prises de vue faites avec le N95 en mode macro. Et MobileMentalism a comparé l’APN du N95 avec celui du […]

  12. dont get this macro stuff!!!!!!!!

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